The Rockies lost, but you can WIN!

I make milk. What’s your superpower? t-shirtLast week, Tanya (from The Motherwear Breastfeeding Blog) and I had a friendly bet going over the World Series between my Colorado Rockies and her Boston Red Sox. If the Rockies won, she would give away a Breastfeeding Coalition t-shirt. And if the Sox won, I would give away an “I make milk…” t-shirt from my store.

The Red Sox swept the Rockies 4-0 and the series was over before it even started, though it did get pretty good at the end of the last game. Even I, not generally a baseball fan, watched some of it. 😉

Breastfeeding Welcome Here

In light of the Sox’s win, I am indeed giving away an “I make milk. What’s your superpower?” t-shirt. And, because Tanya is such a good sport, she’s throwing in two “Breastfeeding Welcome Here” stickers as runner-up prizes. 🙂

Win it! 

I’m going to make this short and sweet. To win an “I make milk. What’s your superpower?” t-shirt or one of two runner-up prizes of a “Breastfeeding Welcome Here” sticker, leave a comment here stating one of your favorite breastfeeding moments. The winners will be selected using the morning of Nov. 8 and announced later that day.


107 thoughts on “The Rockies lost, but you can WIN!”

  1. One of my favourite breast feeding moments was in the NICU with my first baby. She was so tiny and we were both trying so hard. The nurses had pulled the curtain around our little area and her & I just stared at each other for a little while while she nursed. It was like the world around us disappeared.

  2. my favorite moment was with baby #3 who just latched on like nobody’s business almost immediately after birth…and she hung on for about 45 minutes…it was so awesome. the boys (#1 & #2) needed a lot more encouragement to get going:-) i have a good friend who is now pumping/nursing her preemie twins. i think she needs this shirt! if i win, it goes to her:-)

  3. I am SO sorry the Rockies didn’t win! We were hoping!

    Anyway- my favorite nursing moment- how do I choose? I specifically remember a moment many years ago with my oldest son (now 6), he was just a little baby and I was rocking him in the rocking chair and nursing, when the realization and love totally washed over my entire body… he was *my* child and I loved him so much. I just got tears typing this!


  4. mt 4 year old daughter said the other day “harper always smiles at mommy cause she has bresteses (breasts) so cute, and so true!!
    lovely prizes, we would love to win!

  5. I’ve had my eye on this shirt for so long…. I so need it!!

    My most favorite breastfeeding moments are when baby is first put to breast after birth, and then later when baby is nursing and looks at me and smiles…. Awww, nothin’ like it!!

  6. Ok, so this isn’t as mushy…
    My nine month old is discovering how funny burping, farting, and other bodily noises can be. Two days ago, he was nursing and let out a huge fart. He had to let go so that he could laugh, then latch back on, then let go because he wasn’t done laughing, he laughed and nursed like this for five minutes and I was cracking up with him!

  7. This past week, my 12-month old has started using the sign for “milk”. (Instead of just patting my boobs when he wanted some…) It melted my heart! The first time he did it, he was nursing away and looked at me and opened/closed his hand. I said “Milk! Yes!” and did the sign. He laughed out loud and we kept making the sign together. It was the sweetest thing ever!

  8. Well, I’ve been nursing my daughter much longer than I ever anticipated (she’s almost 3). The other day she was having her before bed si-si’s (nursies) and she pulling back and said, “Mommy, there’s milk on the si si… that’s my favorite milk!”

    Okay, so it’s a little creepy to have conversations about nursing with the child that’s nursing, but it was so funny and sweet. Si si’s are her “happy place” for sure!

  9. My son (age 2) loves to sweetly kiss my daughter (age 6 1/2 months) while she’s nursing. She smiles so big and looks at him, then latches back on. It’s enough to melt my heart.

  10. Yesterday, after nursing, my daughter (26 months)put her arms around me and gave me a big hug.

    “I Yuv You!” She said.

    I squeezed her back, touched. “I love you too, squishy-bug!” I proclaimed.

    “No!” She objected. “I yuv the nursies!”

  11. One of my favorite breastfeeding moments was actually when I had a wicked case of mastitis. My twins were about 3 months old and in the middle of the night I came down with a raging 104 fever. I tried nursing them around 1 AM but ended up puking from the pain so my husband gave them bottles of expressed BM while I pumped. We did the same thing again at 5 AM and then around 9 AM I was finally feeling better enough to drive myself to the emergency room. I nursed them right before I left for the ER and they gave me and my boobies the hero’s welcome – squeals and wiggles galore. My husband and I laughed so hard. It was as if our little babies were saying, “MOMMY! Where have you been? It has been 8 whole hours and we missed you SO MUCH — No more bottles just boobies, okay!?” They couldn’t speak, but their body language spoke volumes.

  12. Recently my 10 month old son was nursing in my bed, way too early in the morning. I was hoping he’d fill his belly and fall back asleep. But after about 10 minutes of milk he decided it was time to play “peek-a-boo” by hiding his face behind my breast and then looking up with a HUGE smile on his face.

  13. When my 4-month-old daughter, Ruby, was just a month or so old, we took her to a baby-wearing class to figure out how to use those confusing slings!

    Being in a crunchy city, in a crunchy class (“Baby-wearing!”), there were plenty of other moms nursing their babies. Each baby was a silent, sweet little nurser. But eventually, when Ruby decided she was hungry, I helped her latch on, and she grunted and snorted and grabbed at me like she just sat down to a huge plate of ribs! I couldn’t have been prouder!

    We both grunted and snorted the Sox to victory, too!

  14. My favorite breastfeeding moment was when my little guy (almost 3 weeks old) finally got it and I could stop pumping for him. He seemed so relieved (as was I) and cooed. He still makes this happy noise when he nurses and pets me. *sigh*

  15. Cute cute shirt! I loved nursing, and one of my favorite moments was when I realized it was no longer painful and I got to just rock with my baby and have our own quiet time. *sigh*

  16. Aww.. my favorite moment is when my son puts both his hands on top of my breasts and looks up at me with the most dreamy eyes and just sighs as if everything in the world is ok. He truely is my entire world and when Im with him everything is ok.

  17. I used to love it when he’d just fall asleep in the middle of the day because he was so happy and relaxed. I’m looking forward to breastfeeding my next baby, too!

  18. My favorite nursing moments are when my daughter is hungry, I pick her up and she gets so excited when she even gets close to the breasts. She starts yelling and screaming and kicking like it is the best thing she has in the whole world and I give it to her.

  19. My favorite moment would have to be when my daughter woke up from a nap hungry, so we sat down and I was positioning her on the boppy and she latched onto my shirt before I had a chance to pull them out. It made me laugh and move alittle faster. Their sense of smell is amazing!

  20. Pretty frequently, when I pull my shirt up at home, my baby smiles and makes this TOTAL Beavis & Butthead laugh (heh heh heh) when she sees my breast. It cracks me and my husband up every time.

  21. When I was in the hospital after giving birth to my twins, I was practicing tandem nursing when one of the nurses came into my room and stopped dead in her tracks and exclaimed, “You’re Superwoman.” I looked down at my babies – one on each breast – and had to agree with her.

  22. My favorite breastfeeding moment was shopping in a crowded store with my youngest in the sling. Everyone kept commenting on how peaceful he was despite all the noise and commotion, no one had a clue he was latched on and eating away.

  23. So many to choose from….
    A favorite recent moment was when my daughter pulled off during letdown (distracted?). A stream of milk was hitting her in the cheek, so she opened her mouth and moved so the milk was shooting in her mouth without being latched. She thought it was pretty funny and started giggling. These are the things I will miss so much when she weans. *sigh*

  24. My favorite breastfeeding moment was just recently — we were on a hay ride to the pumpkin patch and, of course, my boy needed to eat. So, he started nursing on the hay ride and continued while I helped my two year old search for a pumpkin. At one point a friend realized that I was nursing and trying to carry a pumpkin and hold my toddler’s hand. Gotta love being a momma.

  25. Oh my…my best moment…When you are a nursing mom there are SO many. Probably my most memorable we when my co-worker and her husband came to visit and bring a gift for my sweet daughter. I was having trouble with my nipples at the time(we can say that on the post because we are breastfeeing mom’s and mentioning nipples is like saying cereal to us!)and was without my nursing pads as they were causing pain. Well, to my suprise in front of the husband I had let down…and I fell the dripping begin…oh no…I held those boobs so tight, but to no avail as I had to sit there chatting holding my arms across my chest and knowing the milk circles were showing! None the less they noticed and made a quick exit…oh what a first time mom I was that time around!!!

  26. ONe of my favorite breastfeeding moments was when my Grandpa came to see my daughter at my home when she was a few days old. She needed to eat and was crying and I was a little unsure how comfortable he would be with me nursing in front of him (he was 85 at the time.) He saw me thinking about it and said, “go on and feed that baby Jenny. In my day when a baby needed to eat the women just fed em, even if it was in the middle of church!” So I did!

  27. It’s hard to choose just one. I enjoyed breastfeeding much more than I ever thought I would. One moment would have to be around the time my son was 8 months old when the world around him became much more interesting than nursing. He would always get distracted and pull away. The milk would be spraying him in the face, but he couldn’t quite figure out how to latch back on. He’d always have his mouth open and eyes squinted. My other favorite breastfeeding moment was when I was holding my son when he was a few months old and he turned his face towards mine and started sucking on my cheek! It was so funny! My son is now 15 months and recently weaned, but he still lifts up my shirt to nuzzle his face against my bare skin. It’s comforting to him…and I don’t mind one bit. :o)

  28. So many to choose from! My little man gets very excited whenever I start pulling up my shirt. Sometimes though, if I don’t get the hint quickly enough, he’ll start sucking on whatever exposed skin he can find. The most embarrassing moment recently was at my office. We were there for a meeting (they’ve been great about us working from home and only coming in, baby in tow, occasionally). I was in a room with my five male team members (only one of whom is married, most of whom are in their mid-20s). AJ was needing to nurse to go down for his nap, but there was so much going on and it was hot, he did NOT want that blanket on his head. Mommy did NOT want to expose her breast to her co-workers. Eventually sleep and I won. 🙂

  29. When my niece was young she used to think that one breast made chocolate milk and the other made regular milk! LOL!

    –Proud breastfeeding mama and auntie to a strange little girl! 😉

    Hope I win this shirt!

  30. This is a story I love to tell. When my first son was 7 weeks old we moved overseas to Southeast Asia. The first week there, we were walking through an outdoor market and he was screaming and crying. Out of desperation I was about to go kneel down in a dirty alley in the market to nurse him. A vendor at the market saw me and motioned for me to come sit on a stool in her CD booth. The boot was about 2 feet deep by 8 feet wide. I sat on the stool and tried to discretely get my baby latched on. A small crowd was gathering to check out the white woman. My son was really crying and didn’t even want to nurse. The lady decided to “Help” me and lifted up my shirt very high so that all gathered could see my breast. And still my baby wouldn’t latch on. Finally I gave up and the stranger lady held my baby, who pretty much fell asleep instantly in her arms. Everyone in the market got to see what a white breast looks like that day.

  31. My favorite moment was when I nursed my second son after coming home from the hospital and I could hear the distinct sound of swallowing. It was a relief to me because I was unsuccessful with my first son and it broke my heart when I had to give him a bottle. I have been nursing P for 5 months now and going strong.

  32. A friend just directed me to your blog and I look forward to reading more and being inspired further. Thanks!

    Go Sox! (Hehe)

    Breastfeeding – I have to choose only one moment? One that sticks out is nursing in the Louvre. I have nursed just about everywhere possible in Paris but here I was surrounded by enormous and beautiful works art. We were small and cozy in comparison, tucked in a corner and it felt like we just blended in.

    At 22 months, nursing is coming to an end for us and while I am happy to be getting my body back, I will definitely miss it.

  33. I am entering for my daughter who is successfully breastfeeding her two-month old daughter. I would guess her best nursing moment was when the baby went for her second dr. appt., after feeling like a failure at the first because she hadn’t gotten back up to her birth weight, and finding that her girl was growing fat and healthy, thanks to her mama. Thanks for the giveaway.

  34. This one has been happening with more frequency… My 2 year old will be nursing, pop off with a smile, and tell me “Your milk is goooooooooooood, Mom!”.

    I’ve got to spread news about your giveaway. I’m actually hoping to win a sticker instead of the shirt, but I have lots of friends who would love the shirt so if I win it’ll go to one of them.


  35. The moment I realized that all the extra nursing was working and I have enough milk this time and don’t have to supplement my second baby like I did the first…..

  36. Ooo…tough call. A good moment would be the time when she was colicky and having reflux and fussing and finally settled in for a good feed and then popped off, rested her head on my chest, and fell asleep.

    I know that doesn’t sound remarkable but she’s always been such a busy baby…it was a rare quiet cuddly moment for her.

  37. Only one? My favorite moments feel good moments were when they were tiny newborns with the little wrinkled “old man” foreheads, contentedly eating away until they drifted off to dreamland, a trickle of milk running out the side of their mouths.

    My favorite BFing related story needs a little background. The girls call nursing a “snack”, my breasts therefore are “the snacks” and my bras “snack holders”. Walking through Target one day, DD2 runs up to a bra display, exclaiming loudly, “mom, look at these pretty snack holders – and they are for kids!” LOL

  38. One of my favorite moments came as I nursed my second daughter. My first daughter who was almost two came and sat in her little rocking chair with her ‘baby’, lifted up her shirt and ‘nursed’ while I did. It was very cute and very funny!

  39. I have to say that my favorite moment was once it stopped hurting so much and I could truly enjoy looking at my son while he ate happily away. It actually became very relaxing – I will see what it is like with #2 in about 9 weeks!

  40. Okay, I’m not a mom yet, but I’ve got a great memory from when my mother was breast feeding my youngest sister. My older brother had this t-shirt as a child that read “Nipple Freak.” I teased him about it but will never forget it now because of what my mother did when he was 9 years old. So, my bro had pink eye or a stye or something similar, not important. My mom was nursing my littlest sis and insisted that her breast milk would cure my brother’s eye. I’ve got this vivid image of him with his feet on the floor and his back bent backwards over the bed. My mom’s got my baby sis in one arm and is squeezin’ her nipple with the other and shootin’ milk in my brother’s eye. Talk about hilarious! Then, after all that, my brother wanted to taste some, so he ran and got a spoon and filled ‘er up! Yummy!

  41. My favorite moment is when he can’t stop smiling at me long enough to nurse. SO SWEET! I have to look away just so he can eat without smiling. 🙂 Make me want to hug him SO tight!

  42. The first time my son lifted his butt in the air like he was doing a yoga downward dog pose while he was still nursing from my breast.

  43. i thought i posted before but my comment seems to have been lost. i used to love the “drunken sailor” look (my breastfeeding instructor’s name for it) that my daughter would have when she finished nursing when she was a few weeks old.

  44. When he saw my friends toddler nursing points with his eyes the size of marbles and runs to me. He lifts my shirt up to see my ‘milkies’ and begins to nurse. He pops off and watches my friend nurse you daughter with a big smile on his face.

    I think it was the first time he realized other people have ‘milkies too’ and his friend was SOOOO LUCKY to get ‘milkies’too. It still makes me smile!

  45. first of all, I LOVE this shirt!
    My favorite breasfeeding moment was with my first son. We had a really tough time getting started, and it was becoming very frustrating for both of us. The moment that I realized that it was working, was priceless. I was so excited that we had worked together to make it work. I enjoyed every moment after that as well.

  46. The first time, when the nurse said would you like to try to nurse him, I was so ready. I love my little guy and our special time together.

  47. I guess my (anti) favorite breastfeeding moment would be today when the cable guy walked into the room just after I whipped out my breast. Bonus for him!

  48. I love reading these stories!

    I still feel all warm and fuzzy when I think of nursing my newborns, when their heads weren’t much bigger than my breasts and they would open their eyes for a few minutes and we’d stare at each other while they filled their bellies. There is nothing like that look in the whole world.

    Another story: Last night my DH and I were asking my 2 1/2 year old son if he had milkies, and he replied, “No I have boos”. We ran through the list of people we know, and everyone had “boos” except for mama and a breastfeeding family friend. She and I have milkies. 🙂

  49. One of my fav moments was with my 15 month old. By this time she had to share momma and her milk with a one month old sister. I would nurse the baby first and I would say in a little bit you can have some, just a couple moments. She started calling her milk “bits” which all my children thereafter always called them too. Momma, can I have some bits?

  50. My favorite nursing moment was when my 18-month-old son began to nurse eagerly, but then stopped, pulled away and looked me straight in the eye. “I want chocolate,” he said, downcast. Knowing my fondness for chocolate, my husband replied, “I thought it did come out that way.”

  51. My favorite nursing moment was when I was feeding my 6-wk old son on a hike and my milk squirted out like 5 feet and my mom (who never breastfed) saw it and was just astounded.

  52. So many great stories!

    My favorite moment was just last weekend, hanging out with some of my favorite women, all who nursed their babies. It was just getting to be time to feed my little one (three months), so I had him on my lap while I unlatched the nursing bra. Apparently I wasn’t fast enough because he turned to look my breast straight in the eye and just started chattering like he was scolding it for not being ready right then.

  53. I am currently pregnant with my first and really looking forward to breastfeeding. I love this shirt and would love to sport it!

  54. I love when my son is nursing and hold on to my breast with his little hands and smiles with a look of total contentment. It doesn’t get better than that. Of course I also get a kick when he pulls off and gets squirted in the face and looks pissed off. LOL.

  55. That t-shirt ROCKS!! Oh my goodness.
    Ok, favorite breastfeeding moment?
    My favorite moments were the late at night times when all my baby’s wanted was ME. they would snuggle up to me and just smile!! 🙂


  56. Every moment. I have IGT and had a really hard time nursing and dealing with having to supplement that the fact that my 16 month DS is still nursing makes every moment the best.

  57. I am still nursing my 15 month old (actually at this very moment too) so these aren’t breastfeeding memories. They are daily occurances. I think it is so funny when she blows raspberries on my boobs when she’s nursing. And, although it makes it a little difficult, it cracks me up when we shower together and just because my boobs are exposed she thinks it’s time to ursey. So there I am standing in the shower with a slippery baby latched on trying to get us both clean!! So funny!

  58. My niece (3) was watching a friend nurse who was using a nursing cover. She asked what was under the blanket. My friend told her it was the baby. She then wanted to know what the baby was doing under there. I told her he was eating. My niece turned and gave me the funniest look. She had never seen any one breastfeeding before.

  59. wow I need this shirt.

    everytime I nursed was my favorite time. I jsut loved holding my baby while she nursed, staring at her, and knowing that it is me who grew her in my womb for 9 months, and it is I who keeps her alive by breastfeeding. I loved nursing, I can’t wait to breastfeed the enxt baby.

  60. My favortie breastfeeding moment… hard to decide, but I think when my son finally figured out what exactly to do without any coaching from me and the feel of him snuggling and realising that I was ENJOYING this.. that was my favorite moment.

  61. I love the feeling of soothing a very upset baby by giving them the breast. Then they almost shiver in happiness. I’m nursing number 3 and all of my babies did this. It makes me feel like a superhero that I can provide this comfort to them.

  62. We’ve had many great times with nurse-ins, etc. but the best for us was when we finally learned to night nurse laying down. I had been sitting up in bed for months- it was maybe 3 months into it that we could finally side-lay and nurse much easier all night.

  63. I have many moments, but the onw that comes to mind right now is the other day when we were nursing and I brushed her cheek and she started giggling and was just the sweetest most genuine moment in the middle of our crazy day. It melted me.

  64. I’m about to have my 3rd baby, on Tuesday, 11/6 if not before, so I will be breastfeeding for the next year. When my babies would look up at me with all the trust in the world in their eyes. They knew I would take care of anything they needed.

  65. One of my favorite breastfeeding moments was after the birth of my fourth child, boy, at home in our master bedroom. I was lying on my side, TRYING hard to get the new baby to latch on, while my only daughter, then age 4, was feeding me cantelope with a fork. It was truly a magical moment that I will never forget.

  66. Count me in! My boys are obsessed with super powers and frequently ask me what I would pick for a super power and I tell them that I already have a super power. They don’t believe me, so I say I make milk, whats yours? They don’t think its a super power so I tell them to go make milk……. Yeah, didn’t think so.
    I am mom, hear me roar!

  67. I have breastfed all 6 of mine and am currently breastfeeding #6. I have so many wonderful memories. My favorite was when Daddy was holding our first born and she tried to latch onto him. Twice! She almost succeeded. It was too funny! !!

  68. One of my favorite breastfeeding moments is when my kids tried right after birth. It is so amazing to me that they know how to find it! My little one, Caleb, was crying right at birth (don’t they all?), and he looked up at me when I was talking to him, and he instantly stopped crying…then he nursed. It was so sweet.

    Thank you for this awesome T-shirt give away! I hope I win!

  69. I remember feeding my son in the wee hours of the night. I was beyond tired and I was dozing in the glider while he was nursing. I confess I even had thoughts of quitting the whole nursing thing. But, I looked down to him and the look of contentment and love on his face gave me the much needed push to keep going. This was a moment that only he and I were sharing and it was amazing.

    Thanks for doing this giveaway!!

  70. I live in Boston and am married to a die hard Yankees fan…we may be the only home in the state that wasn’t tuned in to every game…but this giveaway makes me really happy the Sox won! It is fantastic! I think I would smile every time I put it on.

    I have exclusively nursed both of my kids… and have been making milk for about three years straight….I love the quiet bonding time that it allows, but the best breast feeding, well more of a related to breast feeding moment happened about two weeks after my son was born.

    I went shopping for a one piece bathing suit…by myself…I was in the dressing room staring at my naked post baby body under flourecent lights when that familiar tingling sensation started….my milk came down…it was like a guiser. I had nothing to cover myself with other than my t shirt and a pile of bathing suits, so I pulled my shoulders back and watched in the mirror as my milk sprayed like a fountain and pretty much flooded the dressign room floor. I had no idea how to tell the 16 year old dressing room attendant, so I said nothing…bad, huh?

  71. Wow! I want this shirt so bad. I love getting my babies up in the middle of the night to nurse. Putting them in bed with all snuggled up listening to them nurse and the sweet little noises they make. It’s the best feeling in the world.

  72. I love everything about nursing, but probably my most cherished memories are tandem nursing my 1st and 2nd children. They were only 19 months apart, and they tandem nursed for 13 months, until my older child self-weaned.

    I’d love a chance to win this shirt! I have a blinkie that has the milk superpower saying, on my MySpace page.

  73. My favorite was the same withbothof my boys…the very first time they were able to latch correctly. It was just magical watching me nourish my boys!

  74. One of my favorite nursing moments happened a couple weeks ago in the church nursery. I was nursing my 4mo (under a cover) and my 18mo walked up, lifted the blanket and gasped. It was cute.

  75. I think one of my favorite breastfeeding moments is also my saddest. The day I weaned my first baby was a great time – it was relieving and freeing – but it also meant she was growing just a little bit more independent. I sat down with her, knowing that this feeding was our last, tears in my eyes. I watched her latch on, eat hastily, and then quickly make her escape. Easy for her, but it still makes me bawl to this day.

  76. I don’t really have any memories, but I am expecting my first and looking forward to the breastfeeding experience.

    I did use to pretend to nurse my dolls while my mom was nursing my little sisters.

  77. Hmmm…I think the best moments I have with my son are right before he goes to sleep! I’ve been told by so many people that I shouldn’t allow my son to associate falling asleep with nursing because it is a bad habit to get into. He gets very fussy at night and it is so relaxing for me to be able to calm and soothe him to sleep by nursing him. He coos and coos and then eventually falls asleep (it’s so sweet).

  78. My favorite moments with DD#1…
    *When she was really little, as I was unlatching my bra she would start this little doggy pant “ah, ha, ha, ha, ha.” We started calling her Puppy Girl because of this!
    *When she was about 15 months (maybe older?), and she popped off, looked straight into my face and said “Day doo” (thank you), then finished eating
    *When we were closer to her weaning at 21 months, and she wasn’t as serious about eating, she would play little games with me while she nursed and sometimes she would get to laughing so hard that she would just spray milk all over me!

    DD#2 is always stuffed up, so the snorty, slurpy, happy noises she makes are hilarious. I also love being able to just lift my shirt at night and pull her close. She gets herself latched on, and as we both fall back to sleep I think briefly of how I could be walking into the kitchen, padding across the FREEZING floor in my bare feet to make her a bottle while she screams. But I’m not!

  79. OH I love this. I had my picture taken with my little baby (3 months old) at the state fair, I was in the AG (agriculture) building, next to the dairy stuff, and a sign that said “Milk, does a body good…”

    Yeah I thought it was funny. Anyway enter me into your contest please, I’d love to wear that shirt.

    My best breastfeeding moment has got to be the heart melting moment your little one looks up at you while your nursing and for the first time stops nursing to give you a big smile! Mine just started that a couple of weeks ago!

  80. My favorite breastfeeding moment was right after I delivered by daughter. She was cleaned a bit, bundled up, then un-bundled, placed on my chest and nursed instantly–IT WAS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! I will ALWAYS remember that moment.

  81. I was holding a garage sale and my dd needed to eat, so she was happily doing so under her blanket, and this older couple came in. The man said oh, a baby let me see the cutie…I said, uh she’s eating right now. He got all red and flustered…oh, I’m sorry! It was cute.

  82. One of my favorite breastfeeding moments was the first time my son unlatched, had that content/drowsy look, and threw his wide open hands up in the air. It seemed like he was trying to say “I’m done, I can’t possibly drink more”!

  83. My favorite memory? Just a few weeks ago I was sitting on the couch nursing my baby. My older daughter (not quite 3) sat next to me and pulled up her shirt to “nurse” her baby doll.

    Later that week she asked me if she could borrow my breast pump so she could “pump some milk for my baby while she is taking a nap.”

    I made her her very own pump out of colored paper, an Ameda collection bottle and a cigar box.

  84. With all of my children, I have always loved it when they pop off, smile a big goofy grin and then pop back on (repeating this process several times usually). Very sweet!
    My second little guy always had a distinct chuckle that would come when he realized that it was time to eat. It would always crack me up.

  85. I had a LOT of trouble breastfeeding for the first 6 weeks of my son’s life. Everything that went wrong did.

    But in week 7 it started to click. Not long after, I found myself at the closing for our first-ever home. My son was hungry and I ended up feeding him at the lawyer’s office, sitting around the table with 2 lawyers, the Wells Fargo guy, our buyer’s agent (male), and my husband. I was so proud of myself for being able to do this! (And somewhat discreetly beneath my nursing shawl.)

  86. ENTER ME PLEASE AND THANK YOU! I just found out I am pregnant and dying of mourning sickness over here! anyways, so now I want this shirt! lol.. *Big Smiles*

    My favorite breastfeeding moment wasnt when I was nursing either of my boys but when one day I was watching a baby story with my 3 yr old son, when they showed a woman nursing her baby. My son looked up at me with a big smile and said “Awww! that mommy is giving her baby a drink! thats so cute!”
    I was so proud of him! I want my son to grow up knowing and understanding that breastfeeding is natural and not offensive. So hopefully one day he will support his wife if she decides to breastfeed.

  87. I love when my daughter gently rubs my arm. It makes me feel so good to be touched so lovingly while I’m breastfeeding. It’s also so cute when she will unlatch for a moment just to grin once in a while. I love it!

  88. My favorite moment was when I was nursing my 7 month-old and the little girl I was babysitting said, “she sure loves your booby-juice!”

  89. That shirt is a classic! lol, I gotta have it. I always tell my hubby that if I could have any super power it would be to be able to teleport myself and anything or anyone I may be touching at that time. But I never thought that I already have a super power. I make the best beverage for baby(you can use that one if you want)! LOL

    My favorite breastfeeding moment…A girlfriend and myself were shopping at Target. My daughter was about 2 months at the time (she’s almost 5 mo. now) and we had been out all day. I knew that time was coming but I was still nervous to breastfeed in public. Even though I had one of my nursing covers handy (that I made). About 10 minutes into the Target trip my daughter starts screaming bloody murder. I tried to un-buckle her (she was in her car seat), that didn’t work. I tried to carry her (while pushing a cart), that didn’t work. So finally, I settled my lil’ bottom down on one of the shelves (bottom shelf of course). I whipped out the cover, whipped out the “feeder” and got to it. The one bad thing was that it was in the height of summer and I decided to park it on the popular water toy’s aisle.

    You’re probably asking yourself, “now why in the world is this your favorite?” Well, because it taught me that I can’t care too much about what people think. Do what you got to do and move on. Now it probably would have been better for me to go to the car or even to the bathroom. But my mommy mind wasn’t working properly at that time so I just sat where we stopped.

    Thanks for entering me in the giveaway.

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