Halloween candy alternatives – a follow-up

After deliberating in the dollar store for nearly 30 minutes on Tuesday, I finally decided what alternative candy treat I was going to pass out to trick-or-treaters on Halloween – assorted stickers for the younger crowd and natural cereal bars for the older crowd. A total of about $8 (thanks to the dollar stores low low prices). On a side note, I was actually quite impressed with the variety of foods the dollar store carried – even some organic and natural stuff. Perhaps I’ll be stopping in there more often.
Fast forward to tonight. There was a knock at the door. Three little faces said, “Trick-or-treat!” I doled out stickers into three bags and held my breath as I waited for a reaction. The children walked away from our house proudly exclaiming, “We got stickers!” to their parents. Yes! They were a hit! 🙂 In fact, all of the young kids who we gave stickers to tonight made some sort of happy exclamation about them. I was pleased.

As for the cereal bars, nobody yelled, “Yes! Cereal bars!” but nobody ran away in disgust either. They all said thank you.

The bummer was that for the whole two hours we had our porch light on, we received a total of 13 trick-or-treaters. So all of that deliberating over just the right treats felt like kind of a waste. Oh well. Ava had fun passing out stickers to the kids and the kids were happy, so it’s all good. I seem to overbuy for Halloween every year. One of these years I’ll remember that we never seem to get more than 20-25 kids, but 13 seems exceptionally low. And it wasn’t even snowing.

Did you pass out an alternative Halloween treat this year? How was it received?

In other news… Earlier this afternoon we went to a Halloween party at Ava’s preschool. Our cute little lion had a good time “fishing” for mango “fish,” making and decorating a pumpkin cookie, making a candlestick holder, and playing with her friends.

And Mr. Julian started walking in earnest today. He’s been taking unassisted steps for about a month now, but today he was letting go and walking by himself quite a bit. When did he get to be such a big boy? His first birthday is coming up in three weeks. I really can’t believe it’s already been a year. I had a hard time with Ava turning 1 and Julian’s looming birthday is proving to be no exception.

Lastly, tomorrow (Nov. 1) is day 1 of NaBloPoMo (aka National Blog Posting Month). Are you signed up? November is going to be a busy month around here with Thanksgiving, Julian’s 1st birthday, my parents coming for a visit, and spending a few days with them at a resort in Estes Park. I have a few other things I’ve been working on lately that I haven’t blogged about, but that have been consuming a fair bit of my time. Guess November will be a good time to spill the beans about those projects since I’ll be blogging every day and will need content. Oh wait. Me? Short on content? Ha! 😉

Hope you all had a nice Halloween. 🙂

18 thoughts on “Halloween candy alternatives – a follow-up”

  1. i had halloween bouncy balls to give out and i, too, was disappointed by the turnout. we probably had 10 visitors. then again, we turned out the porch light at 7pm when i curled up with a migraine…so maybe that was it. but it was so quiet on our street it was almost eerie. hmm…maybe many people did alternative things this year. who knows! glad your stickers were a hit:-)

  2. I love that idea! I’ll have to keep that in mind for next year.

    And yeah for the walking!!! Onto all the fun that comes with that new adventure!

  3. It was our first year in a house (not a condo) so our first year with trick-or-treaters. You can check out my blog for a montage on our RIDICULOUS overbuying of candy. Stickers are such a great idea I think I might do that next year. I also just wanted to say that I love your contest for the t-shirt. It is so fun to read all the comments of favorite nursing moments. Thanks for drumming up some great nursing moments for me to peruse. They just warm my heart.

  4. Way to go on the walking big boy! Man that’s some fast growing up, I swear he was just born!

    Good idea for the alternative candy. I’m trying to figure out what to do with all this candy the kids picked up this year. In Scotland people give out nuts and fruit at halloween. Candy too, but lots of nuts and fruit and sometimes money. And recently little gift bags with silly toy skelletons and things. So we’re used to the kids having extra candy this time of year, but not THIS much extra candy! It’s going to have to magically disappear I think..

  5. I think stickers/temp tatoos for the younger set and cereal bars for the older ones sounds like a good idea next year. I was thinking about getting a bunch of those small playdough things, but the hubby went and got a big bag of candy before I could decide what to do. 🙁 Said candy is still there, too. This year was a low turnout for some reason…

  6. I gave out little packages of Fig Newtons which were a hit. I also gave out bags of pretzels but the kids dug around the pretzels to get to the fig newtons! I also bought some 100 calorie packs to give out but we had so few kids that i never had to open the package. i didn’t want a lot of extra halloween candy around the house so i bought other things, plus i just hated the idea of giving out candy. now that i have a child my mindset seems to have changed on a lot of things!)

  7. Wow, that’s a bummer about the trick or treaters. We had to turn out our light at 8pm because we were out of candy! Granted, we live in AZ, so the weather was gorgeous and our neighborhood is really big into Halloween.

    I actually just hit Target to buy those party packs of mini play-dohs to hand out next year at 50% off. Provided they stay fresh…..and stickers is a GREAT idea. I’m doing that next year too!

  8. I am so glad your doing NaBLoPoMo too! We gave out assorted tootsie rolls and pops, the only candy we adults would not devour before the kiddos started coming.

  9. Hey, found you via GreenStyleMom… We gave out fruit leather and most of the kids were fine with it. A few were even excited! I have been toying with an idea of giving “treasures” away next year but haven’t come up with THE thing yet. Have you heard of Green Halloween? I wrote about it the other day on my blog, too.

    I’m glad the stickers were a hit. We wished we had more kids at our house, too!

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