The retail therapy cure-all

JeansAfter having a pukey (literally) weekend here, Jody decided to take today off of work to make sure he was fully recovered before heading back. He works with two guys with infants at home and did not want to pass this flu onto them. So since he was home and I was feeling better (still drained of energy, but much better than I was), I decided to take the opportunity to run some errands that I’d been wanting to do for a while – alone. 🙂

You could almost hear me singing as the screen door closed behind me and I skipped to the car. Yes, it had been a while since I got out by myself for a few hours. 😉

I went to the bank, the post office, the grocery store, and a few stores in search of Christmas presents for the kids and some new clothes for me, specifically new jeans. Ever since the knees tore out of my favorite pair of jeans, I’ve been down to one wearable pair, which used to be my sister’s, and they don’t even really fit. As in if I don’t wear a belt, they will be around my ankles in no time. So not cool.

It was one of those days where the stars were aligned perfectly because not only did I find a new pair of jeans (the second pair I tried on!), I also found a pair of corduroys, a pair of comfy lounging around the house pants, two shirts and two sweaters. All for under $110. There’s nothing like a good pair of jeans and some great deals to help a girl forget about the pukiness of the previous few days. 🙂

I also picked up a couple of Christmas presents for the kids. It feels early to me to be starting on that, but since I am generally a last-minute shopper and I want to buy quality toys this year, I figure it’s better to get a head-start. I also picked up a jumping ball for Ava (much like the one from preschool pictured in the post below), which I gave to her today. An evening of bouncing ensued.
After my afternoon out, I felt recharged and ready to take on the world – or at least the three loads of laundry I had waiting for me at home. I even decided to make a big pot of homemade chicken noodle soup for dinner after being disappointed by the store-bought equivalent last night. It was pretty darn good.

It’s amazing what a shower, an afternoon out alone, a little retail therapy and a good pair of jeans can do for the soul. I should get out more often, don’t you think?

Best Shot Monday – 11/5/07

NaBloPoMo – Day 5

Since we’ve been dealing with the sickies here this weekend, I haven’t spent much time on my computer, and thus, have only proofed a couple of pics from the past week.

Here are two of Ava from her preschool Halloween party.

The contemplative lion
Contemplative lion - 10/31/07

The high bouncing lion
Bouncing high - 10/31/07

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