Toddler shoe recommendations?

Anybody have any toddler shoes (flexible soles preferred) that you loved for your kids? Julian is in need of some new shoes soon and I don’t know what to buy. Ava wore ShooShoos and then Preschoolians, but I’m looking for something different this time around.

Right now he’s got one pair of used Robeez and they are getting a little snug. I’d like to find something with a slightly more sturdy sole (though still flexible) for the winter. Also, I don’t mind paying more for good quality shoes for my kids, but any sites with discounts or coupon codes are definitely welcome. 🙂

Thanks for any suggestions you can offer! 🙂

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  1. Gray wears See Kai Run and I really do like them- for the way they fit, hardly show any wear & tear, and they are just so darn stylish! They also re-sell well on ebay!

    I also love Pediped, but mostly for warmer months and as he’s grown, See Kai Run work better. I did see that Pediped just came out with shoes for older children, so that might be something to check out. And Riley Roos are cool (available at Urban Baby Runway) but more for smaller sized feet!


  2. I LOVE the See Kai Run shoes. They are flexible but firmer than Robeez and seem a lot more comfortable than the Striderite. I also saw Livie & Luca shoes recently that were pretty awesome.

  3. I’ve been thinking lately about buying Pediped for my one year old. My in-laws bought him shoes called Pedoodles. They aren’t as cute as Pediped (the shoes my in-laws bought – ), but the sole is sturdy, yet flexible. Good luck with your search. Let us know what you decide on and whether or not you like them.

  4. I found a pair that I like for my son (12months) at JCPenney, I think they are okie dokie brand. They have a real sole, so harder than robeez.. but more flexible than traditional sneakers.

  5. see kai run are great shoes, I love them.

    Robeez now has a harder soled shoe, check out ebay, I’ve seen them in person and they are adorable 🙂

  6. I like Pedipeds for the trying to walk/new walker stage. We also have See Kai Run shoes. See Kai Run shoes are great, but better once your child is walking very well. If your child is just starting to walk, Pedipeds are better. The bigger sole that extends beyond the shoe on See Kai Runs and others like them can cause tripping in very new walkers. Pedipeds is coming out with a flexible rubber soled shoe like See Kai Run also.

  7. We absolutely LOVE See Kai Runs. We have used Preschoolians which are cute buy not very durable in my opinion. We also have used Pedipeds but found they were really slippery (think hardwood floors) but I thought the sandels were oh so cute. We also have 2 pairs of wiggees which have a soft rubber sole on the bottom so they seem to be more durable then the typical soft sole shoe (we just got them so I can’t fully attest to that fact) and we just got squeaky shoes which were priced very nice via a co-op but we might end up taking the little squeaker out cause I can imagine they will get very annoying over time!

    I know pedipeds, preschoolians and see kai run all sell really well on ebay.

  8. Try Ecco shoes – they have some warm bit very flexible shoes and booties for tiny feet that are great for cold weather. We got ours at Nordstrom. I don’t know if you have one hear you, but they have a great website. One thing – wait for the sales! The regular prices are spendy, but they have terrific sales.

  9. I also recommend Pedoodles. The sole is more substantial than, say, Robeez, but it’s still incredibly flexible.

    I’m also a big fan of Pedoodles because of their customer service. The sole is sewn to the body of the shoe (I’m sure that’s not the right term but hopefully you know what I mean). My daugther used to drag her toes a lot, and that cause the string to wear out quickly. I emailed Pedoodles and they told me to send them back, and they sent me a brand new pair.

    Good luck!

  10. Pediped and Vincent

    Also, on the less expensive end:

    I got the cutest pair of boots (Circo) at Target and the sole is thick enough that she can run around outside and flexible enough that it won’t hurt her feet. And they were CHEAP.

    Old Navy is also starting to make some flexible soled shoes.

  11. Well naturally I recommend the ones I sell, Rileyroos!. I really do like them, obviously 🙂

    Cricket has had a few See Kai Run, which are also nice. They run big though and wide, which is why they worked so well for him but I know others that can’t wear them.

  12. Right now my girl wears Robeez (booties are good for winter) and Stride Rites. The stage 2 Stride Rites (for new walkers) seem more comfy than the Stage 3 but I think come in the same sizes. But as long as they are flexible and light and give the protection you need I’m sure most things are fine!

  13. We are big fans of Rileyroos. They are made by a local Mom (in Maryland) and are more stylish than others I have seen. The leather/rubber sole is great for crawlers and new walkers. My fav is Sportie in Strawberry Sundae (for girls).

  14. I’d go with Soft Star Shoes. They are amazing and if you go to their website you can choose from one of many premade designs or you can actually design your own shoes. they have shoes in sizes from infants to adults and they are very comfortable. It’s like walking barefoot but the sole is very sturdy yet flexible and my 4-month old and 6-year-old nieces love theirs as much as I love mine. One advantage in wearing these instead of going barefoot is you don’t feel the heat or cold from whatever type of surface you are walking on. My 6-year-old niece had sooo much fun helping design her shoes and was beside herself waiting for them. When they got to her she put them on and she wears them almost every day now.

  15. Soft Stars are awesome. If you’re looking for the next best thing to barefoot, Soft Stars are it! I have tried Pedipeds (shoes for kids should not have a heel), Robeez, and Circo from Target (the absolute WORST)…and there has been nothing like Soft Stars. My daughter also gets excited when a new pair comes in the mail and she never wants to take them off. Never a blister (considering she usually wears without socks), never a complaint. They fit truly like a glove! So much, I had to buy a pair for myself! LOVE THEM!

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