21 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – 11/7/07 – What’s cooking?”

  1. We love to cook together, The bread sounds amazing! Your sweaters are cute too!
    We finally linked you back with your cute button at Blessed Nest.

    cleaning my (blog) house this week and getting organized. hehe
    Have a great day!

  2. Mmm sounds yummy. I bet the back carrier is much better for cooking. I wear Zoe on my hip with the ring sling, but now she’s getting older she just grabs everything she can reach, which isn’t so safe! The back thing is a great idea!

  3. That looks familiar! 😉 I loved the back carry, it allowed me to be able to cook with a busy little one about. Now, my kids like to pull their chairs up and watch me safely on the other side of the counter.

  4. So, what sling are you using? I’m getting to where I need a good back carry, but I’m not happy with the one I get from my ring sling. Your’s looks comfy and soft (but effective).

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