Lily’s Garden Herbals natural cleaners – review and giveaway

EDITED TO ADD: This giveaway has been concluded.

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In my opinion, there are four things necessary to make a good cleaning product.

  1. It has to be non-toxic.
  2. It has to have a pleasant smell.
  3. It has to be affordable.
  4. It has to get the job done.

Lily’s Garden Herbals natural cleaning products accomplish all of these things.

After our recent run-in with the stomach flu, I needed to do some serious bathroom cleaning. I put Lily’s Garden Herbals All Purpose Clean (All Purpose Cleaner – 32 oz. – $6.50) to the test. The bathroom was sparkling in no time and I didn’t have to worry about keeping the kids at bay while I worked for fear of toxic smells overpowering the house. Made with essential oils and distilled water, the All Purpose Clean is effective and has a pleasant, even refreshing, smell.

I also tried out Lily’s Garden Herbals Glass Clean (Non-Toxic Glass Cleaner – 32 oz. – $5) on our sliding glass door. With two dogs and two little kids in and out of the house all day long, this door needs frequent cleaning. I have to admit it outperformed my simple homemade vinegar and water solution, and smelled better too. And, of course with it being non-toxic, I don’t have to worry if Julian decides to lick the glass. Not that he’s ever done that. 😉

Lily’s Garden Herbals also offers a natural dish cleaner, a toilet bowl cleaner and a wood cleaner, as well as a linen spritzer and antiseptic room deodorizer (which also came in handy after the stomach flu went through our house).

Lily’s Garden Herbals were formulated by Kim Falcone, a mother and herbalist with a deep appreciation for the natural world. All of Lily’s Garden Herbals natural household products are homemade, non-toxic, contain NO chemical ingredients or synthetic preservatives, are biodegradable and never tested on animals.

A percentage of profits from Lily’s Garden Herbals sales are donated to local and global charities in areas of environmental protection, human rights and education.

If you are skeptical about making the switch from commercial chemical cleaning products to natural ones, consider this:

  • There are over 80,000 chemicals in commercial use today. Less than one percent
    have ever been tested for safety, especially for neurotoxic effects.
  • Companies are not required to disclose their complete ingredients in household,
    personal care and cleaning products or to test for safety.
  • Over 200 human health conditions have now been linked to environmental toxins. These include not only cancer but disorders such as autism, depression, anxiety, attention deficit disorder, immune/endocrine system disorders, asthma, and migraines.
  • Children are the most vulnerable to toxins due to their size, weight, and also risk of exposure during critical stages of development that could have life-long consequences.
  • More facts about toxic chemicals in everyday products can be found on this fact sheet provided on Lily’s Garden Herbals’ web site.

All Purpose CleanWin it!
If you would like to win a 32 oz. bottle of Lily’s Garden Herbals All Purpose Clean, please leave me a comment stating what kind of cleaning products you currently use and why you would like to try Lily’s Garden Herbals AND link to this review/giveaway on your blog. (Non-bloggers are eligible as well, but you must tell a friend about the giveaway). Deadline to enter is Nov. 19. The winner will be selected using and announced on Nov. 20.

71 thoughts on “Lily’s Garden Herbals natural cleaners – review and giveaway”

  1. wicked awesome! You have the same criteria for judging cleaning products as I do, I’m definitely going to give these a try. I’ve been meaning to switch from the 409 and Swiffer wet mop that I’ve been using, the smell alone makes me cringe and I *know* the dogs and occasionally the munchkin have been licking the windows…!

  2. I use Clorox and I hate the smell. My son is always interested in what I am cleaning and I hate the fact that I have to keep him at bay because of toxic fumes. I would love to try this product.

  3. I use Lysol for cleaning my bathrooms and windex for glass and windows. It would be really nice to not poison myself in the process with this awesome cleaning product. Oh JC told me about the giveaway and I will be telling my daughter Erie about it.

  4. Great Giveaway! I linked back to this giveaway on my blog. Now down to business, I use every cleaning product under the sun. Clorox, Lysol, Windex, 409, Endust and many more. I have to say that I am so glad you are offering this giveaway and even the information that there are Herbal Natural Cleaners out there. I had no idea. I was just talking to the Hub (Hubby aka Bug Killer) a couple of days ago about how I am concerned about my daughter being around all different types of chemicals from cleaning products. She’s almost 5 months old and pretty soon she will be crawling. That means her hands will be on EVERYTHING. Mostly, my living room tables that I clean regularly. Who knows what will come off of those tables and onto her hands. And then we all know where those little hands go, Yup! straight into her mouth. Ahhh…needless to say, I am very interested in this giveaway and thank you for offering. LOL.

    P.S. Hubby was reading along as I was writing and he commented that he didn’t appreciate my bug killer comment. I don’t him to BUZZZ off, it’s staying.

    Have a Great weekend!

  5. I hate the toxic chemical smells! I mostly clean with baby wipes simply because they smell nice and actually seem to do the job better than commercial cleaners. When I need to be more thorough I use Simple Green, but I hate the smell of it.

  6. I am so scared of using cleaning products around my kids. I do daycare so i currently just use good old Soap and Water for everything. I would love to try this and see how it works!!!

  7. I usually use Lysol and windex. I will occasionally use vinegar and baking soda to clean the counters. I’ve been wanting to opt for more eco friendly cleaners, because I’ll be honest, the smells of the commercial cleaners do get to me. Here’s my post.

  8. We have a very new, very SHORT puppy – Sophie. So I have to be super careful what I use on the floor and low lying objects because she sniffs everything! I’ve been using vinegar and water, which hasn’t been doing a half bad job and it reminds me of my mom washing windows when I was a kid 🙂

  9. We use standard store-bought stuff and we tend to try different things. Right now, we’re using Ajax powder in the bathroom and Windex for glass. For our wet mop, we just save the bottle and refill it with a mix of water and vinegar. We also use vinegar as a fabric softener for the baby’s clothes. I’m definitely going to check out the products you mentioned, though, because I really want to use more natural cleaners.

  10. We use a ton of different products to keep the house clean but mainly we use Clorox, Lysol, Pledge, Windex, etc. My husband hates the smell of the stuff so this product would be great to try out! Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. I use Clorox wipes, Pledge & Bona hardwood floor cleaner mostly.

    I also use Simple Green to clean the rest of my floors, but can’t stand the smell so refuse to use it any where else.

    My husband gets headaches from cleaning fumes so I have been working to switch over to non-toxic cleaners. Thanks to you, I now have another website source & several recipes (from your post back in October)

  12. My main cleaners are vinegar and baking soda. I wrote a (somewhat lengthy) blog about it today and linked up to your giveaway at the bottom. Thanks so much!

  13. i use baking soda and vinegar mostly as well. I do use bleach on my toilet however. I also use Seventh Generation. I like the way it smells and it gets the cleaning done! Great giveaway Amy and awesome review 🙂

  14. Count me as another baking soda and vinegar user. It works wonders most of the time. I also use Mrs. Meyer’s stuff, simple green and sometimes Seventh Generation. But it breaks my bank! This is a great topic to blog about. I have worked in environmental health for a number of years, and it’s gratifying to see people’s awareness of this kind of thing growing. From vinyl bibs and lunchboxes to toxic Thomas the Train Engine and Aqua Dots, we’re seeing how important chemical regulation is.

    Thanks again for the post.

  15. We use vinegar and hot water to clean our wood floors and vinegar + a little dish soap and water to clean our baths and kitchen. I have been experimenting with the 365 products from Whole Foods because I want to bring all natural cleaners into our home (I have a 2 1/2 year old and a 3 month old). We are still looking for the perfect cleaners – maybe Lily’s is it!

  16. Vinegar, baking soda and Method multi-purpose cleaner.
    It would be cool to try another natural one. Sounds like it did the trick at our place, that is awesome!

  17. With a houseful of boys, you can bet that I’ve used it all, from Ajax to Windex. I’ve wanted to make my own cleaners for some time, and should probably just do it.

    Off to spread some linky love!

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  19. I use method quite often. I would love to try this product Im always looking for a new and better cleaning product.

    Method products are really nice but Ive found the window cleaner especially streaks really badly

  20. I use Clorox and Windex. I have a heart condition and I have a really hard time with the fumes from cleaning products. My husband ususally has to clean the tub and showers since I can’t stand to be in such a small enclosed space with the odors. I’d love to try this product. I don’t have a blog, but I have lots of friends that I can tell.

  21. Hello, I would love to try her product, because I have various cleaning products under every sink in my home! None of them work great! Of course, non-toxic is always a plus and a good smell helps. Please enter me in your contest. Thanks, Cindi

  22. I mainly just use soap and water but I’d love to try this product! I’ve been looking for a better way to do things – especially so that I can help my daughter and her partner stock up (before he fills the new house with toxic cleaning products!) for their new house – and with their baby coming in January I wanted to be sure they were careful in what they bought. 🙂
    Thanks for the op to try this.

  23. OK, so right now I use mostly nothing– water and elbow grease! I’ve been totally freaked out by all the toxic stuff out there, but haven’t gotten around to making my own — which I wanted to do ‘cuz it’s cheapest, but those essential oils I bought are just sitting. I would love to win this an have a safe alternative to the toxics! No website, but I’ll tell my friends and put your blog in my mommy group’s newsletter!

  24. yahoo! very excited about this giveaway. i have just started trying to get rid of all the toxic chemicals in our household. we are currently test driving some of the method stuff from Target and the seventh generation all-purpose cleaner (which i dislike very much…leaves a weird “sticky” feeling to everything). am looking forward to trying some Lily’s.

    what do you use for laundry detergent? i’m having a hard time finding one that actually gets the clothing of two little, very-hard-on-clothing, girls clean!

  25. I am trying to use up all of my cleaning products so I can switch to more “Earth-friendly” cleaners. I have started using water and vinegar in a lot of my cleaning. Good for the Earth and thrifty. A win-win!

  26. I’m always looking for products that are safe for my son…That actually get the job done as well! Thanks for introducing me to this and the great chance to win!

  27. I typically use antibacterial stuff to clean because I’m a bit of a germ-a-phobe when it comes to my bathrooms. The only thing is that I can’t stand the strong smell, and the skin on my fingers usually peel after each cleaning. Ugh. I would really love to try a product that is safe for my 2-year-old and I to breathe in and that won’t peel my fingers! 🙂

  28. I have been using all the typical store brand stuff – Lyson wipes, 409, windex, etc. That being said, I have recently been exposed to Shaklee and would like to try that in the future. This sounds wonderful! I don’t have a blog but I’ll spread the word.

  29. I use whatever I have a coupon for. i have been wanting to branch into the natural but they are often so expensive that I get intimidated. I am posting a link on my giveaway blog.

  30. i’m sadly addicted to comet for sinks and tubs. i do vinegar for windows/glass and some meyers products for household. would love to try this line tho!

  31. I make many of my cleaners using vinegar, ammonia, and baking soda. I admit thought that I do use a toilet bowl cleaner that is good on rust stains because we previously had well water that had a lot of iron in it.

    I would love to try this line of products. Maybe there is something that would clean those rust stains without the harsh chemicals. I’d be all for it.

    blogged ya here:

  32. I am a new wife and mommy and I am still deciding what I want to use. My son is only 14 weeks so I want to use eco friendly products around. I do not want him to be around all the nasty chemicals in other cleaning products.


  33. I have 409, but have been looking for a good natural cleaner. When I would clean when I was pregnant I would go into HUGE coughing fits that never happened otherwise. A little clue that something wasn’t right. I hope I win it for free, but if not I may just go buy it. 🙂 Thanks!

  34. I have been trying to use greener cleaners because I know how bad the other stuff is. I have switched to vinegar and water for a lot of stuff around the house and I am waiting until i use all of my current floor cleaner to switch to a vinegar based cleaner. I normally don’t buy the green products in the store because they are sooo expensive and money is realy tight at my house – but I would definatly use the Lily’s if I won it and hey maybe it would turn me and I would refuse to go back to the Lysol Kitchen Cleaner and Comet Bathroom cleaners.

  35. I have been debating about the switch for about 6 months…and the cost is what is the set back. My husband seems to think that the lower the cost the better (409, Pinsol, Lysol, Softscrub). And I have yet to find a non-toxic cleaner to do the equivalent job of softscrub. I recently switched to castille soap (for our hands) and noticed an immense difference compared to the dial/softsoap we had been using in the past. And once I bring something in the house, it is totally possible for me to convince my husband. With TTC a second child. It only seems smart for me to switch over during my next pregnancy. This may be the key. Thanks for the information. I don’t have a blog persay…but have posted it on my MM account…AND sent an email to my friends who are in similar situations as me.…giveaway

  36. very cool… thanks SO much for this recommendation. i have been using windex (with vinegar) and 409. i’ve switched my dishsoap, shampoos (recommendation to a certain brand by YOU!), and body soap to organic and non-toxic substances (this always amazes me what we are putting on our skin and into our air) already but encouragement from others and reminders is what gets me over my hump of making the stance for me and my family! i was actually going to start looking up recipes for the various uses of vinegar for cleaning, BUT NOW i definitely want to try these products and i KNOW i can trust your recommendation, amy! thank you!

    i blogged you here:

  37. I currently use cleaning supplies from Don Aslett’s Cleaning Center. As a mom of six, I’ve wanted to try the non-toxic cleaners, but I wasn’t sure if they’d work and sometimes they seemed so expensive. I’d love to try these out and it would also allow my younger kids to help out like they want. Plus, it seems much safer for all the kids, pets, etc.

    Thanks for the chance to win. 🙂

  38. I use Soft Scrub, but it has such a strong smell that I admit I’m worried about my little one. I’d love to give this a try. Do they have a floor cleaner as well?

  39. I’ve just started the switch to new non-chemical products, so I’ve been trying Meyer’s and Seventh Generation. I don’t know, though, they’re not cutting it on stuff like mold and mildew, so I’d love to try something that you recommend.

  40. I currently use homemade mixture of vinegar and essential oils in a spray bottle. My husband can’t stand the smell of vinegar (even though it dissipates after a few minutes). I am currently searching for something to replace or use in certain areas in the house.

    Over the past few years I have been exploring different natural cleaning products. I used to have an arsenal of mainstream products! It was a strange and serious addiction!

  41. I use Melaleuca everything (and have for the past few years); I have been very impressed with their products but would like to try out another non-toxic cleaner to compare results!

  42. Currently I use alot of different cleaners….like clorox, etc.
    I’ve never heard of this kind before so would love to be able to try it.
    thanks 😉

  43. I would like to win or try these products as I am a self employed mom and mom to be that has a house cleaning service and I need to find an alternative to soft scrub and windex,these chemicals are very efficient for me but are also toxic

  44. I used Method cleaning products for years and then I stumbled across BabyGanics Organic cleaning products I think they work really well and have an great Lavender scent, Has anybody else heard of them?

  45. I own a residential cleaning company, and more and more people are requesting all natural cleaning products like Lily’s. Despite what people think, these products do work and without the nasty odors of a cleaner like Fantastik!

  46. Well, this is a great product! Smells great and does not have a lingering scents after you use it. Just a fresh clean and odor free.

    I took this from their website:

    See just how economically priced and inexpensive it is to use Bio-Enviro “Concentrated Formula” ~ makes gallons of cleaner for pennies.

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