Shopping, parties, leaves and more

NaBloPoMo – Day 11

It was a busy weekend around here (the first of many!), complete with a Lantern Walk and potluck dinner (celebrating Martinmas) at Ava’s preschool, a housewarming party at my friend‘s new (and gorgeous) house, more leaf raking and bagging (we’re finally done!), a haircut for Ava, Freecycling a table and chairs set, as well as birthday (Julian) and Christmas toy shopping.

wooden blocksThanks to a tip from my friend Melissa, I spent over an hour on Saturday looking through toys at Tuesday Morning of all places. They got a shipment of German wooden toys in and there were deals to be had! 🙂 (They weren’t HABA – how rockin’ would that be? – but they did seem like good quality, lead-free toys.) I’m starting to believe that this desire to find good, quality wooden toys is an addiction. I’m on the lookout for them where ever I go – thrift stores, consignment stores, and now – thanks to Melissa – closeout stores as well. LOL

I hope to write about my wonderful wooden finds in the next week or two and actually compose a Crunchy Domestic Goddess Holiday Gift Guide of sorts. 🙂 Won’t that be fun?! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Shopping, parties, leaves and more”

  1. Amy, I totally relate to the wooden toy addiction. They feel so good and raw and natral in your hands, so colorful and peaceful. 🙂
    Way to go on your find!
    I can’t wait for your Gift Guide!

  2. Hey, Amy,

    I just put up our guide to retailers who specifically inform their consumers about their safety measures and have categories of European and/or USA made toys.

    We’d love if you’d link up (I have a button on the page to grab if you like) and we’d be happy to reciprocate and post yours when you have it up.

    The more people writing guides, the more information will be out there, and the safer our kids will be!!!

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