Christmas came a little early

NaBloPoMo – Day 13

Artificial Christmas treeTwo weekends ago I managed to score a pretty sweet find off of Freecycle – a six-feet pre-lit artificial Christmas tree! The tree is about five years old and in great shape.

I’d been wanting to buy a larger tree for us since we moved into this house. The tree Jody and I bought in our early days together was a narrow one because we were renting such a tiny house and that was all we had room for. After our move here with a bigger living room, I thought it’d be fun to have a bigger tree and the pre-lit part was just an added bonus because now I won’t have to worry about stringing lights. 🙂

Of course the day we got it we set it up to make sure all of the pieces were there and the lights worked, etc. Then we got the flu and didn’t feel up to disassembling it, so the tree remained up in our living room for a few days. Ava was actually disappointed when Jody took it down, but was satisfied with the knowledge that we’d be setting it back up again in a few weeks.

We figured we would just Freecycle our old tree, but then the woman who gave us her’s mentioned to Jody that she was looking for a skinnier tree to fit into her house. He told me about it, so I emailed her back to see if she would like to have ours and she picked it up this weekend. We couldn’t have planned that better if we’d tried! 🙂

If you have an old artificial tree or other decorations that you are no longer using, think about Freecycling them or donating them to a charitable organization. It will no doubt make someone else happy and is good for the environment too!

And if you choose to get a real tree this holiday, be sure to recycle it. “With over 33 million real Christmas trees sold in North America every year, Christmas tree recycling is an important way to give a renewable, recyclable resource back to the environment.” Check out Earth 911 for a Christmas tree drop-off site in your area.

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  1. I have that very tree. 🙂

    I love Freecycle, our house is furnished with it. We even gave a car away on Freecycle once, which turned out to be a disaster, but that’s another story.

  2. I have a pre-lit tree and AMY it is soo nice!! Stringing lights was my least favorite part of decorating. Now, no more scratched up arms and poked eyeballs (LOL). I am excited about decorating…I always wait til Thanksgiving night to start.

    Enjoy your new tree 🙂

  3. Great idea! When my husband and I were stationed at Ft. Bragg I participated in the Fayetteville Free Cycle (Fayetteville surrounds Bragg). We gave away all my son’s old clothes, shoes, toys and some household items. It’s nice to help people who really need and appreciate your items, especially around this time of year.

  4. That’s great! We have an artificial tree which is around 10 years old now. It is big and looks almost like a real tree, so I really love it. It’s just a pain to put together since I have to put on each “branch” of it.

  5. That’s great! We have an artificial tree which is around 10 years old now. It is big and looks almost like a real tree, so I really love it. It’s just a pain to put together since I have to put on each “branch” of it.

  6. We have always had a real tree and its a family tradition to go day after thanksgiving and pick it out on the tree farm back home.

    This year will be different. We have found out Lyndsee is allergic to real Christmas tree’s so I am on the hunt for a fake one. OMG I have been looking and they are sooo expensive, but I know it will pay for itself in years to come. Just the bargain mommy in me is freaking a little about the prices 😉

  7. Hi! First off, I love your blog and have subscribed via bloglines.

    Re. artificial trees, we bought one a few years ago but I later found out that many of them contain lead and really aren’t safe for the home, especially if you have small children. Have you heard this? I won’t be putting ours up this year just in case. I may donate it to a nursing home or something.

    On the other hand, treehugger was suggesting picking your own tree from a local farm as a good option. I think I might do that instead.

  8. That is so awesome! No tree killing!!

    We are getting a live pomegranate tree and then planting it afterwards. Then we will use grandma’s old decorations. It will be our daughters first christmas. Very excited about that.

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