47 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – 11/14/07 – A handful”

  1. Imagine printing the fridge shot and sticking it on the fridge! Sort of like taking a picture of a picture. Either way, it’s adorable.

    Congrats on making it almost to the top of WW. I don’t think my posting fingers could ever be that fast!

    I’m a first-time visitor to your blog, thanks to WW. But I’ll be back: I like your writing!

  2. I love the pic in the fridge. There is a similar picture of me sitting on the door of our dishwasher as a child. My husband keeps teasing me wondering when he is going to come home and see our twins on or in a household appliance.

  3. ahh I know that fridge shot all too well!! CUTE!! LOL I had to put a lock (with super glue mind you) on my fridge–everytime I go to nurse Charlotte that was the first place Chase would go!!

    I can’t believe it has been a year already!! He is so cute!!

  4. Haw haw! πŸ™‚ I love ’em. Lydia is climbing things now and then gets annoyed and scared when she realises she can’t get down without help! *rolls eyes*

    Puts a new perspective on “getting into the ‘fridge” phrase doesn’t it! πŸ˜‰

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