The longest week

busy momNaBloPoMo – Day 16

This week was one of the longest weeks ever, primarily because Jody has been out of town the. entire. week. Once again, I have a restored appreciation for all that he does to help out around here and a slight understanding of how challenging it is to be a single parent.

Of course, both of the kids had a cold this week – well, it’s mostly just a cough. A really nasty, barky, lingering cough. Ava has it much worse than Julian and she hasn’t been sleeping very well, which means mommy hasn’t been sleeping very well either. And with all of the teething and new milestone (walking) business, Julian has decided to up the amount of nursing he does at night (which was already a lot), and choose an hour around 4 a.m. last night to just be awake and chatter. Pardon me if I nod off in the middle of this post. I got a caffe mocha from Starbucks yesterday, but am doing today sans caffeine.

Ava only had school yesterday since Thanksgiving vacation began today and I admit I was bummed to miss out on a day of downtime, but c’est la vie. She had a potluck (just for the kids) there yesterday, so the day before she and I made pizzas using a dough recipe from The Vegetarian Mother’s Cookbook (which I recently dusted off and have been thoroughly enjoying). We made one pizza for dinner that night with kale, spinach, zucchini and corn on it and another cheese pizza for her to take to school the next day. Apparently it was a hit. Ava said, “Everyone said, ‘We want more pizza.'” 🙂

While this week without Jody has honestly not been as bad as it could’ve been (we’re all still alive and relatively happy), I do feel like my patience was worn very thin on more than one occasion. It didn’t help that Ava was/is sick and not feeling up to snuff and that Julian has a tooth breaking through. There were times I really felt like I needed a break and I had to work hard at calming myself down. Hell, there were times I lost my temper and yelled and then had to calm myself back down. It’s hard doing it all alone. Very hard. But I did the best that I could.

The only thing left to say is thank God it’s Friday! Jody gets home late tonight, after the kids will be asleep, but the important part is that he will be here in the morning and I already have plans to secure the bed to myself to catch up on a little shuteye. Wish me luck. Then it’s a weekend full of cleaning in preparation for my parents arriving from MI on Monday to celebrate Thanksgiving, my Dad’s birthday and Julian’s first birthday all next week.

One more note: I’m still working on my version of a holiday gift guide too and there will be more giveaways coming up as well! If you haven’t yet entered my latest giveaways, please check the right sidebar for links. 🙂

11 thoughts on “The longest week”

  1. Sorry you had such a rough week. I just wanted to wish you a happy day and encourage you. You do a great job of encouraging others on this blog- it’s wonderful.

  2. Your weeks sounds like my week. My husband is out during the week and he’s finally coming home tonight. I’ll be surprised if he’s home more than 2 minutes before I lock myself in the bathroom and soak in the tub.

  3. Hope you get some rest, and everyone gets better soon.

    It’s funny, but since J. has been traveling so much, I am almost more efficient when he is gone. The boys go to bed a lot earlier. I guess I keep myself on a tighter schedule since I know it is only me. But it is way easier when he is home. I would like to go out of town for a week though, so J. knows how hard it is to be a “single” parent.

    Get some rest this weekend!

  4. I hope that you get some great sleep this weekend and some time to yourself. It IS really hard to be alone, I tell you, every time my husband leaves town I have renewed admiration for single parents.

    Be well~

  5. Glad you made it through the week. Looking forward to seeing your gift guide, I have one I’m working on too, but I know you always have great ideas and resources to share!

    And thank you for the interview questions, I am going to use them this nabla month!

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