Green tip of the week #2 – fruit and veggie wash

fruits and vegetablesNaBloPoMo – Day 17

Green tip of the week:

If you can’t afford to buy organic produce, you can still clean up your conventional produce and remove dirt, pesticides, chemicals, and insect residue with your own fruit and veggie wash spray. All you need for this recipe is natural soap, vinegar and water.

Not sure how contaminated your produce is? Check out the dirty dozen list to see which fruits and veggies have the most/least amount of pesticides.

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8 thoughts on “Green tip of the week #2 – fruit and veggie wash”

  1. I am glad you posted this..but I have a question….you said if you cant afford to go organic, you can use fruit and veggie wash to wash off the chemicals from the fruit and veggies… should we still worry about chemicals inside the fruit and veggies?? Just wondering…thanks!

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