To blog or not to blog

Estes ParkNaBloPoMo – Day 25

That is the question.

Later this week I’m heading into the mountains to Estes Park to spend a few days with my parents (as well as Jody, Ava and Julian, of course) at a resort. This is really the closest thing I will have had to a vacation in quite some time.

The resort has WiFi, but I’m questioning whether or not I want to worry about getting online at all (using Jody’s laptop) while I’m there.

WWYD (what would you do)??

Would you schedule some posts in advance to fulfill your NaBloPoMo commitment and enjoy the break from the computer and the Internets? Or, knowing you will probably want to at least check your email while there, would you plan to go ahead and continue blogging while on vacation? ‘Tis quite the dilemma.

Mayhaps* I will schedule some posts ahead of time and then reserve the right to change my mind and get online to post other things while I’m there. Spending a couple of nights away from home with two kids is bound to make for some interesting blog material. 😉 Let’s just hope it’s not too interesting. I don’t need that much excitement.

Thanks in advance for your bloggy opinions. 🙂

*Like that word? Jody and I made it up years ago. We’ve got quite a few made-up words that have become part of our repertoire. 🙂

18 thoughts on “To blog or not to blog”

  1. I would enjoy the time away. Be with your family and out in nature. The computer will still be here when you get back. Plus, any time online is time away from doing other things that you normally may not do. I would just enjoy myself.

  2. I’m doing NaBloPoMo, and I pre-posted one post- on the day I was moving, when we had no internet connection at the new house, nor a computer set up. I thought it was fair. 🙂 I think taking a vacation “away from it all” isa good excuse to pre-post a few days- though, of course, we’d love to hear about what you’re seeing!

  3. I am so jealous of your trip to Estes Park! Love it there!

    I would still like to have the option to blog and if you are only doing it for NaBloPoMo, then post a quick picture of your trip each day (I know I’d like to see the photos you take while you’re there!) Or, if when you get there you’re just not “feeling it” with the blogging, then don’t! It’s all good!


  4. Have a wonderful trip! You certainly deserve it!

    Can you post retroactively? One for each day you were gone? Sort of cheating, I guess…but a great way for you to share what you saw with your family.

    Have fun!

  5. I agree with Half Pint… prepost. If you can. Sometimes it’s tough to do that. I have not been able to ever do that. But it’s always an option. I am so envious of your trip and I look forward to a summary and photos!
    – Audrey

  6. And here I thought *I* had come up with “mayhaps” all on my own!
    I agree with the consensus…have some prewritten psots ready to go, but still reserve the right to change them if you are feeling up to writing! Enjoy your vacation – whew, I sure could use one!

  7. I would set up the preposts and then change them if you have something that you want to post right away but have no guilt if you don’t have time. I’m a big fan of avoiding guilt – not that I’m particularly skilled at it.

  8. ah…just enjoy the trip…don’t feel stress about the blogging…

    then again, who am i to talk, you saw my vacation blogging! i mostly did it in the car while we were driving back and forth between our hotel and the family…

    blogging can be fun and relaxing, though, so don’t set yourself up for expectations that you can’t meet or don’t want to meet?

    either way – have fun!!!

  9. Last week when we were visiting aunts and uncles that don’t have computers much less internet access, I pre-wrote a few days worth of posts and had a friend post them for me each day. Honestly it was great to be away from the computer for a few days. I need to do that more often.

    The downside? The catch-up has been overwhelming. It is still worth it!

  10. I’m torn on the pre-posting thing… is it really posting every day like the rules say? lol Hmm, I just have this “cheating’ feeling when I think about that whole pre-post thing.

    I say go, enjoy your family and enjoy your vacation!! NaBloPoMo is just a fun blogging thing… I think we forget these things are not really important. Your family is!!

    Of course, I only lasted a few days with the whole NaBlo thing… I choose to watch a movie with my kids one night and forgot to post… GASP!!!! So, I confessed the next day and it was *NoMo NaBloPoMo for me.

    Is there really any question now? lol 🙂

    *No More

  11. When we go to my grandma’s in the summer, she doesn’t have a computer, and we don’t bring the laptop. It is WONDERFUL. It is nice to remember what life was like before computers, and quite honestly I think it makes me slow down and have an even nicer vacation, without worrying about having to check e-mails, blogging, etc.

    I can always check e-mail at the library, and there is a library in Estes, so if you really feel a need to blog or check e-mail, you could always go there. Ryan and Cole got a big kick out of the library in my grandma’s town.

    I just kept a few notes on stuff I did want to blog about when I got back, so it wasn’t so hard to remember or overwhelming.

    At any rate, no matter what you decide, have a wonderful, fun, and relaxing vacation. 🙂

  12. I’d prepost. Heck, I’m not going on vacation and sometimes I prepost, just to have the satisfaction of fulfilling the NaBloPoMo requirement. Short posts are still posts.

    Have a wonderful trip and post pictures when you get back!

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