The weather outside was frightful…

NaBloPoMo – Day 29

After packing everything but the kitchen sink (and I still forgot some things), and having an uneventful (no puking) drive, we made it into Estes Park yesterday. The wind was gusting all day and night and the temperature, with the windchill, felt like -4 degrees – proving to me that I could never live in the mountains during the winter.

The good news is that the cold temps kept us inside and gave way to some good family bonding.

With three other adults in the house to watch the kids, I figured I might sneak away into the bedroom to read “Pushed,” a book I have on loan from the library, but haven’t had time to read much yet. I read for about 5 minutes before Ava came in to ask, “How are you doing all by yourself in here?” I explained that sometimes people like to be alone, but she was not to be deterred. She was concerned that I was lonely and wanted to read with me. So we moved onto the bed and read our books together. It didn’t take long for Julian to come wandering in, requesting to join us on the bed and pretty soon it was the whole family together in bed, reading books.

Ava and mommy reading up in Estes Park - 11/29/074 in the bed - Estes Park 11/28/07

Later, Ava made cookies with Grandma. And Julian was happy to partake in one.

Ava rolling out cookie dough - 11/28/07Julian eating a cookie - 11/28/07

We didn’t have the best night’s sleep last night and Jody is now coming down with the cough that Ava’s had for over 2 weeks now, but we are still enjoying ourselves (it’s so beautiful here) and have plans to stay until Saturday now instead of Friday, unless of course we continue to be unable to get some good sleep. Today we are planning a drive into Rocky Mountain National Park and perhaps dinner out at a restaurant.

That’s all for now.

5 thoughts on “The weather outside was frightful…”

  1. Sneaking away with good intentions for some mom time. We all need that. Children don’t understand it but we all need it. At least they were telling you they care.
    Great website. First time visiting and I’m impressed.

  2. aren’t they nice to make sure you weren’t too lonely reading alone… but sometimes it’s fun to all read together. grandma’s cookies look yummy! glad you’re having fun.

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