RMNP and vacation pics

NaBloPoMo – Day 30

Yesterday, the fam and I all ventured into Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP). It was pretty dang cold, but there was a lot of beauty to behold. It’s amazing how different the park looks in the winter as opposed to in the summer when we usually visit.

Julian fell asleep in the car, but the rest of us enjoyed seeing a couple large herds of elk. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many in one spot before. There had to be a few hundred. They were slowly making their way across the road as they migrated down to a lower elevation.

Elk in Rocky Mountain National Park - 11/29/07 More elk in RMNP

And Ava, Grandma, Grandpa and I took a little walk by a stream and Sprague Lake.

Ava, grandma and grandpa near Sprague Lake - 11/29/07 Ava on the bridge - 11/29/07 Sprague Lake

We saw this tree – frozen in time – on our walk.

Frozen pine tree

After RMNP, we had dinner out, then stopped at Safeway where Julian was looking so cute in the shopping cart with his lil hat on, I had to take his picture.

Julian in the cart - 11/29/07

The kids have been enjoying getting into things here at the resort. And when I say getting into things, I mean literally climbing into things. (Well, he had a little help getting into the sink.)

Kids in the ottoman - 11/29/07 Boy in the sink - 11/29/07 Fun in the sink - 11/29/07

We have one more day to enjoy here, then it’s back home for us. We might visit the Stanley Hotel today and do a little shopping in town. Right now I’m missing out on a rousing game of Candyland in the other room, so I’m outta here. 😉

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