Green tip of the week #4 – rechargeable batteries

rechargeable batteriesWith the holidays coming up and the myriad gifts that may require batteries – digital cameras, children’s toys, portable CD players or radios, and other electronics – how about spending a little extra money to buy rechargeable batteries?

From Wikipedia:
Rechargeable batteries can offer an economic benefit when used instead of one-time-use disposable batteries. Most rechargeable battery technology has been adapted into the standard “AA,” “AAA,” “C,” “sub-C,” “D,” and “9-volt” configurations that consumers are familiar with. While the rechargeable versions of these types of cells have a higher up-front cost than disposable batteries, rechargeable batteries can be discharged and recharged many times. Some manufacturers of NiMH type rechargeable batteries claim a lifespan up to 3000 charge cycles for their batteries.

Rechargeable batteries are also great for baby swings (that gobble up juice like nobody’s business) and household items like TV remote controls, alarm clocks and flashlights.

While rechargeable batteries aren’t the most exciting gift, they make a great stocking stuffer, will save you money over time and, perhaps most importantly, will help save planet Earth.

NOTE: Disposable one-time-use batteries should not be thrown into the trash. “Batteries are a unique product comprised of heavy metals and other elements that make things ‘portable.’ Some of these toxic heavy metals include nickel cadmium, alkaline, mercury, nickel metal hydride and lead acid, which can threaten our environment if not properly discarded.” For information about proper disposal of one-time-use batteries, visit Earth911.

Have any green tips you’ve recently learned? Please email them to me and I may include your tip with a link to your site or blog in a future post. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Green tip of the week #4 – rechargeable batteries”

  1. I made the switch to all rechargeable batteries in my household this year after reading that Americans dump about 2 billion batteries into landfills every year. I bought the “eneloop” batteries because they last up to 1000 charges and they seem to last longer on every charge. After doing the math I realized it was saving me about $200.00 a year over regualr alkalines. Its such a simple thing that people can do.

  2. I”ve been seriously considering switching to rechargeable batteries. We’ve been going through so many of them. Also, I’ve been throwing my old batteries away.. oops. Thanks for the info. I’ll be saving my old batteries and disposing of them properly from now on.

  3. We switched to all rechargeables last year, and this year asked our parents to just buy us more batteries for the charger as the adults gift. 🙂 We prefer the Energizer ones.

    I’ll never go back!

  4. Love your blog! It sums me up in three words 🙂

    We love rechargeable here. My children love playing with flash lights, so the only way to keep them shining for the long haul is to keep rechargeable in them.

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