NaBloPoMo burnout

Julian at the park - 12/4/07Am I the only one who’s been feeling slightly less enthusiastic about blogging since NaBloPoMo ended? I admit having the pressure of posting every day removed has allowed me to be a bit more lax in my blogging efforts, and I’m enjoying the break.Julian & Ava at the park - 12/4/07

It’s allowed me time to take the kids to the park when the temps nearly hit 70 degrees on Tuesday (fun!), and to catch up on cleaning, grocery shopping and laundry (not so fun).

It’s allowed me time to submit some pictures to a magazine photo contest – America and the Sea (crossing my fingers).

It’s allowed me more time to spend reading “Pushed: The Painful Truth about Childbirth and Modern Maternity Care.” The book is now overdue from the library, but I can’t bring myself to return it until I finish it. Hopefully that will be in the next couple of days or I’m going to start racking up some serious overdue charges. 😉 I plan on reviewing the book once I finish it so you will hear more about it. So far though it’s been excellent!

It’s also allowed me time to work on a new holiday gift guide for women (well, many of the gifts would be great for men too), with lots of giveaways and coupon codes, that I think you will like. That should be up early next week. Yes, I know that’s for my blog, but still. (Jody’s boss has told him that’s the way to win any argument. End it with, “yes, but still.” hehe)

What about you? Are you keeping up with the daily blogging now that NaBloPoMo is over or are you taking it easy and enjoying a bit of a break?

11 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo burnout”

  1. Well, I didn’t participate in NaBloPoMo.. but I read a few blogs that did, and it’s inspired me to do my own challenge. What I’m doing is a digital scrapping page every day for the month of December. It’s helping me pass the time until Christmas. I find the wait so hard, lol.

  2. Even though it’s done….I’ve found that not every post has to be a new, novel idea that will totally rock the world. I can just say, “hello, I’m here….and today is a good day.”

    It’s refreshing.

  3. Totally taking it easy. I was loving NaBloPoMo until Thanksgiving. We went out of town, and the combo of flying with twins and the holidays zapped my blogging energy.

  4. Honestly, I loved it. I even posted just before the end about how sad I was to see it end. I work at home, mostly alone, and found it so great to have such a wonderful refuge/outlet of daily thoughts and wanderings.

  5. I’d wondered if you were burnt out! As part of my plan to improve my mental state I’m trying to spend altogether less time on the computer. As I’m doing now, you see 😉

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