Flaunt it Friday: Guilty Pleasures

I saw this carnival over at Penny’s blog and thought this week’s theme – guilty pleasures – seemed like a fun one to jump in on.

chai teachai teaMy newest guilty pleasure is Celestial Seasonings’ Chai Tea – Vanilla Ginger Green Tea flavor with some honey and rice milk mixed in. It’s divine I tell you, and a lot cheaper than picking one up at Starbucks. 🙂 I’m drinking some right now. It’s really the perfect drink for cold snowy mornings, like today.

vanilla ice creamcookiesMy old stand-by guilty pleasure is chocolate, and of course, ice cream. What better thing than to combine my two loves with vanilla ice cream (Alden’s is delicious!) and chocolate sandwich cookies? Mmmmm. I could eat some of that right now and it’s only 9:30 in the morning. 😉

John KrasinskiMy other non-food guilty pleasure is watching “The Office” or, more specifically “Jim Halpert” (played by actor John Krasinski). It would appear that my subconscious mind has developed a crush on Jim, because two weeks ago I dreamed about him three nights in a row. He told me he was going to leave Pam for me (LOL), but I had to prove that I was committed to the relationship. Of course, I couldn’t do that since my subconscious remembered that I am married and have two kids! So it looks like Jim and I won’t be hooking up after all. :oP

Hmm. Drinking chai tea, eating ice cream and cookies, and watching The Office? Now that would be a tasty combination!

What about you? What’s your guilty pleasure?

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12 thoughts on “Flaunt it Friday: Guilty Pleasures”

  1. Blogging is one of my guilty pleasures- there are many times when I should be doing something else but instead, I’m looking at people’s fun blogs- like now! I love the Endangered Species chocolate bars- the bat bar is my favorite.

  2. Fun post, Amy! LOL about the office!! The last TV character I dreamed of was female and I made the mistake of telling DH (I thought he’d think it was hot…) and he felt intimidated by it. So dreams about stars are not funny in this house 😀

  3. Crunchy, you got me all wantin’ some chai right now… and I don’t even care for chai! ha!

    Chocolate is a winning hands down on the tops of guilty pleasures. Now I’m sorry that I didn’t mention my chocolate addiction. I guess I’ve just gotten to the point beyond guilty to no conscience at all about chocolate!

    Thanks so much for participating! Hope to see you back again next week!

  4. Lately, I have been loving the terrible, perservative Gingerbread Coffemate flavoring. It tastes just like the one at Starbucks, but like you said, a lot more economic.

    I also have been addicted to the Natural Cheetos…I don’t usually even like Cheetos, but the grandparents started giving the regular ones to the boys sometimes, and R. started asking for them at the store. I saw the natural ones, and thought that would be a good alternative. Now I eat more of them then they do. 🙂

    Fun post.

  5. Mmmmm, you are making me salivate. 🙂
    I love Celestial Seasonings’ Vanilla Honey Chamomile hot tea. Mmmm.
    And dark chocolate brownies with dark chocolate chips. And whipped cream cheese on ANYthing.
    Fun stuff, Amy!

  6. what a fun post! these last few days my guitly pleasure has been eating all the potato latkes…but i know that it’s about to be the buckeye candies that one of our student’s mom makes every year at this time…they just arrived!

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