Yep, crazy

Watching the parade of lights - 12/8/07At the parade of lights - 12/8/07Yes, we are crazy. We braved the cold and all of the snow (we must have 8 to 10 inches) to go to the parade of lights and a holiday lights walk tonight. Lots of bundling and layering was done to ensure adequate warmth. And I had my little heater (Julian) strapped to the front of me. 🙂

Other than some grousing by Jody as we drove there (well, he drove as he cursed the windshield wipers that were not doing their job) and walked five blocks (he with Ava on his shoulders, and me with Julian in the Ergo) to catch the parade before it ended, it was a good time.

Ava in the snow - 12/8/07The kids enjoyed the parade and lights. We got free hot chocolate and cookies, saw fireworks, and Ava said she saw “two Santas!” So it was a bit crazy with the cold and the snow, but it was a good, fun kind of crazy. 🙂

Can ya tell I took that pic on the right of the 4 of us with my arm outstretched? Don’t I look a bit manic? LOL See, crazy.

8 thoughts on “Yep, crazy”

  1. HAH…that would be my tolerance and then I would be wishing for warmer temps again. Looks like you had so much fun!! It IS the crazy kind of fun!! Looks like Ava is trying to catch a snowflake with her tongue on that first one. HA!! Cute. It does help to have those portable little heaters to carry around-LOL!! Glad you got to enjoy some time with the family! OH and I would LOVE to see fireworks in the snow. WOW–TOO COOL.

  2. Glad it was a success! We went to a holiday in the park thing once and were freezing our tushies off. And that was without snow! I think we vowed then never to do *that* again. LOL

  3. I wouldn’t say crazy — I would say BRAVE! It was just telling my husband that it almost isn’t worth the effort taking our twinkies with us by the time we get them bundled and in their car seats and then unbundled and in their stroller — I wonder why we even left the house! Congrats on such a fun outing and your bravery!

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