Green Tip of the Week #6 – Think before you buy

Here’s something I recently came across (thanks to Jody) and thought it was good food for thought during this holiday consumerism season and always:

When you do acquire things, many of those things must ultimately be disposed of: given away, sold on eBay, thrown away or whatever. Some may be simply used up: a washing machine, for example. But still it must then be discarded.
It helps when you go to buy something—a book, a vase, a chair, a set of dishes, whatever—if you take a moment to decide how it will be disposed of. You can’t assume, by the way, that giving it away will automatically work: it might well be that the intended recipient will not want it when the time comes.
It will then perhaps occur to you that you can finesse the problem altogether by not getting the thing in the first place. — Later On : Managing Money post

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