Packin’ up and movin’ out

Since you all might be sick of looking at “penis” at the top of my blog, I figured I’d get a post up before Christmas – just cuz I’m nice like that. 😉

I got all of my Christmas cards in the mail (finally!) today. Hooray!

And Jody and I met with Ava’s Waldorf preschool teacher tonight for parent-teacher conferences. Who knew we’d already be in for that with a 3-year-old. The conference went very well. It was great to hear more about Ava from someone else’s perspective and how she well she’s acclimated to preschool. I may blog more about the conference another time (when I have more time to spare).

We’re packing up and heading out tomorrow morning (or afternoon based on how quickly we get our crap together) for a road trip to southern Kansas to celebrate Christmas with Jody’s side of the family. We’re only driving half-way there tomorrow, then the rest on Sunday since the thought of trying to do 9 hours of driving in one day with two small children is not my idea of a good time. 😉 I think breaking up the trip will go much better for all of us.

We haven’t yet turned Julian’s rear-facing car seat around (even though he’s a year old now), because he’s stayed relatively content with riding that way and it’s much safer that way (12 mos. and 20 lbs. is actually the minimum requirement for rear-facing). However, I think we are making the switch tomorrow which will hopefully keep him riding happily longer and will also allow Jody or me (the passenger seat) to recline and move back the seat a bit more, which will hopefully keep me/Jody riding happily longer as well. 😉 I’d love to keep him rear-facing longer just because it is so much safer, but with all of this driving ahead of us, for my and Jody’s comfort (neither of us like riding with our legs all scrunched up and our seat-back straight up) and for the sanity of all, I think this is a good time to make the change.

I’ll likely be blogging during the trip as Jody will have two (count them – one, two) laptops (from work) with him. (Woot!) They may not be lengthy posts, but I might upload some pictures and whatnot. Then again, I might have some great wisdom to share. Ya just never know. 😉 Speaking of pictures, Jody bought a new P&S camera yesterday. It seems to be a vast improvement over our old one, though I can’t even remember at the moment what kind it is. Anyway, it’s going on the trip with us.

I must get myself to bed in the very near future so I can get up and pack our bags in the morning. Oh, and finish laundry too.

Wishing you all a safe and happy long holiday weekend. 🙂

10 thoughts on “Packin’ up and movin’ out”

  1. Have a safe trip and a Merry Christmas!

    We switched both kids to FF when we went on a trip as well. If nothing else car seats are so much easier to install FF and we always end up playing musical cars on trips. That and the kids are happier 😉 S was 19mos and Q was 12mos.

  2. Hope you have a wonderful holiday!! We travel today too, along with half the country I think. At least I get to bring my new early-Christmas present laptop with me! Hooray!! :)Blessings!

  3. We had our first conference with Sammie’s nursery teacher back in November … surreal it was! We don’t have kids old enough for conferences?!! *sob* LOL But Sammie adores school, so I guess I have to let her grow up.

    Anyway, have a safe trip! I look forward to seeing Christmas pictures 🙂

  4. just a little f.y.i…. when a child is in a backward facing seat, if the childs feet are touching the back of the seat and slightly bent it is more dangerous then facing forward.

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