On our way

It turned out that I did not have the opportunity to do any blogging on our trip. Last night was my first real chance, but a shitty (and I mean SHITTY) WiFi connection at the Days Inn in Hays, KS, and an insomniac child (Ava) prevented that.

We’re on the last leg of our way home today and supposed to run into a winter storm warning for pretty much the entire way. Please keep us in your thoughts that this last day of traveling goes as well as the rest of our trip has. Other than some overtiredness, the kids have done amazingly well with all of the driving, visiting, etc., and we’ve had a good time.

Best wrap this up and upload it while I still have a connection. More posts will be forthcoming once we are back home sweet home.

UPDATE 1:43 p.m.: We decided rather than risk it, we will spend another night in Kansas. We drove about 120 miles today to get to Colby, KS, where there’s an indoor swimming pool, hot tub and good WiFi at the Days Inn. We’ll stay here for the night then venture out again in the morning after the snow, ice and fog have passed.

7 thoughts on “On our way”

  1. oh good, i’m glad you guys decided to stay thru the night! thanks for the update, sending safe travel thoughts your way for tomorrow.


  2. I am so glad you decided to stop and wait for the bad weather to quit. Hope your travel is safe on Friday and you all get home in one piece. You are wise parents. Just consider it as one more day of vacation :0).

  3. Glad you decided to wait it out! Some of the roads were terrible yesterday, especially out east! (Boulder was dry…Louisville was terrible).

    hope you get home safe and get settled in soon!

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