The dangers of cable TV

On the last day of our trip to Kansas, while we were waiting out the winter storm in our hotel room, we finally switched on the TV (the first time the whole trip) to entertain ourselves. What channel of the hundred or so available to us did we end up on? The DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Network.

Being that we only have basic cable (translation: about 5 channels worth watching) at our house, the DIY Network was new to us. Jody and I sat there a bit mesmerized as show after show came on about how to organize your garage, how to get your house ready to sell, how to landscape your yard, etc.

I’m a bit embarrassed to admit we watched about four half-hour shows (the shows were like crack I tell you) and I came away from it buzzing with excitement and telling Jody all of the plans I had in store for our house. We want to sell ours in the next couple of years, but we know we have a lot of work to do on it to make it really desirable to potential buyers.

When we got home, however, and I looked around my house, all I saw was clutter, clutter, and more clutter. (It doesn’t help that we have a huge train table that Santa brought in the middle of our already small living room. I have to remind myself that that won’t be it’s permanent home. It will be moving upstairs to the office.) And my big ideas of replacing mirrors and light fixtures and adding cabinets in the bathrooms seem grossly insignificant compared to massive amount of decluttering and organizing the house is really in need of.

Last night Jody checked our cable company’s web site to see if DIY Network is available here and I’m actually a bit relieved that it is not. I could see myself easily get sucked into watching all of the shows about home renovations and projects, while in the meantime my house becomes more and more cluttered. Quite honestly, we don’t need the extra cost of adding more channels to our service anyway. I can be content with the fact that they have a web site – DIY Network – where I’m sure I can get a ton of idea if ever I need them.

While I’m not really saying this is one of my new year’s resolutions (because I don’t do resolutions per se), it is one of my goals for 2008 to continue to declutter and organize my house. It was a goal for 2007 as well and while I know I made some strides in that area, it is an on-going task and there is still much work to be done.

I’m not going to give up on my little ideas for home improvements (I love the challenge of looking for a good deal on home decor items), but I know that a fancy mirror in the bathroom isn’t going to sell the place if the rest of the house looks like a bomb went off. 😉

I have some more goals for 2008 – some are very similar to my other goals for 2007, but I will write about those another time. For now, since Jody and the kids are out of the house, I need to go do a few minutes of decluttering to help myself feel better.

6 thoughts on “The dangers of cable TV”

  1. Ummm….you KNOW I hear you on the clutter and selling. Sometimes I think it might be easier to burn the house down instead! We’re looking into storage units soon, in the hope to make it a bit better…and then we’re going to power through it, I guess.

    We get DIY (on DISH). I never watch it though. I’m a huge fan of “Sell this House!” on A&E.

  2. Decluttering is one of my goals this new year too. Starting with a) baby clothes and b) toys! I think I may freecycle some stuff. I was saving my baby clothes in case my sister got pg but now I think I’ll just get rid of them. I will save some special ones that have sentimental value though.

  3. clutter…can’t wait to see your posts on this:-) no, seriously, i share your pain. and am also grateful that we do *not* have diy network. i’m not sure i could handle the guilt it might induce for *not* diy-ing…

  4. I have had many “sessions” like that myself. I get Home & Garden, TLC, A&E, and now DIY- all showing those home improvement shows. I think they only work, when your house is stripped down to the bare minimum- walls, carpet, and maybe one piece of furniture for each room. 🙂

    Seriously, I think they should have a show helping us moms, with kids, on how to have somewhat of an organized house, while still acknowledging that not everyone lives in a 5,000sq. ft. house! That is my beef with most those shows. They are always beautiful, large, spacious, houses to begin with, or small houses, where only one or two people live, whom are adults. New paint in the rooms, some new window treatments, and rearranging the furniture (which is always nice, and doesn’t have animal cracker crumbs in between the cushions,) and the house is ready to sell!

    Not very realistic in my opinion. For us, I am glad that we don’t have to sell when we move. We will probably just have to paint a few walls, and do some deep cleaning on some of those projects that we never seem to do, to get it ready to rent.

    I think it is so smart though, to try to get organized as best as you can- it will make a difference. Good luck with it, in the New Year. Oh, and if you ever want to come over and “veg” out on the home improvement channels, let me know. 🙂

  5. Oh gosh, can so relate to this! We too got a huge train table for Christmas and now all I see is clutter, clutter, clutter. But to clean up the clutter will cost money to build shelves, etc. and we don’t have funds for that. Wanting more stuff…an endless cycle.

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