Green Tip of the Week #7 – Cold Wash

Another way to save energy is to wash your clothes, linens, etc. in cold water, instead of warm or hot. Generally speaking, cold water will get your laundry just as clean as warm or hot water will. Plus, cold water is less wearing on the clothes, keeping them looking like new longer. (Anything with stains should be pre-treated and/or soaked in advance.)

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8 thoughts on “Green Tip of the Week #7 – Cold Wash”

  1. I bought a large drying rack with several poles to hang clothes on, and I stopped drying most of our clothes, especially Gabe’s. It saves energy, and the best part of all is that it never sets stains (you know those pesky stains that you miss when you pull them out of the wash) and the clothes don’t shrink! His pajamas look brand new by the time I put them away in the attic. Plus, I feel all virtuous that I’m saving the environment ; )

  2. We always wash in cold. And I try to hang dry what I can, being in an apartment with four people makes line drying haha a little hard. Our cloth diapers get hung to dry though.

  3. What a wonderful tip! You have set my mind at ease because I generally wash EVERYTHING in cold water, but then worry that it’s not getting clean enough. I’ve been enjoying your blog for the last few weeks and think you will be a great addition to Blogher!

  4. We are fortunate enough to have a very large basement where we can line dry year round after we have washed in cold. We then put the clothes in the dryer (on no heat setting)to soften up a bit. Works like magic and our electric bill is really low. Plus, i have lot’s of hot water leftover to fill my birthing pool with so i can relax before this baby comes (details on my impending water birth at

    And just like nicole, this post reminded me that i need to run a load!

  5. Great Tip! I’v always washed my clothes in cold water, I have found using hot water brought on to many probems, like lack of available hot water, and shrinking of clothes.

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