Learn from my mistake

I took the kids grocery shopping at Vitamin Cottage this afternoon. Julian found a tub of yogurt to be particularly fascinating, so I let him play with it while we moved about the store. He dropped it on the floor one time – no big deal. I gave it back to him. (Hindsight: What was I thinking??) A few minutes later he dropped it on the floor again and this happened:

Mmmm, Yogurt jeans

A word to the wise: Mothers, don’t let your children play with tubs of yogurt while in the shopping cart.

Note: This picture (albeit a not very good one because I took it myself) is of the dried mess after we got home from the store. (If only I’d had my camera with me at Vitamin Cottage. I can see it now. “No, sir, wait! I don’t want a towel and don’t clean up the mess yet! I need a picture for my blog. Can you take it for me?”) I was quite the sight when it had just happened. I swear 90% of the yogurt went on my jeans, shoes and coat, the other 10% hit the floor. Thank God for the kind woman nearby who saw it all happen and immediately went to get an employee to help with the disaster area mess. I was wracking my brain trying to figure out how I was going to clean all of that yogurt off of myself with the three tissues I had in my coat pocket. 😉

The VC employee who came to offer me a towel and brought one to clean up the floor as well looked at Julian sitting happily in the cart and said, “Did you do this?” And Ava, being the helpful big sister that she is and knowing that Julian can’t talk said, “Yes, he did.” And ratted her brother out, just like that. 😉

Next time, I’m giving him a can to play with. Of course then he’ll probably drop it on his sister’s head. Oy.

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  1. we once walked to the cash register at costco and my 2-y.o. started handing me *eggs*….he had reached behind his seat and opened the egg carton and was just handing them to me one at a time. so there i am, juggling eggs trying to get him to stop. he just kept saying “egg!” with great pride. luckily i didn’t drop any:-) but oy!

  2. OH man!! Shopping with the kids is always an adventure…LOL…at least with me!


    Amy PS: The background in my pics is my couch. Thank you for the sweet comment!!

  3. LOL! And I thought I was the only one who took pictures before fixing the situation! The other night I was in the kitchen and my 16 mo. old son decided the pots and pans cabinet would be a great place to hide. After telling him to get out of the cabinet (which he ignored) I ran for the camera!

    And I’m so glad to have those pictures, they are precious!

  4. You live and you learn, sometimes the hard way. Love your haircut and color. I used to use that shade about 12 years ago. Very cute.

  5. I read this just before leaving the house to head to VC for – you guessed it! soygurt! Thanks for the warning 🙂

    So great to see you yesterday…sorry I was a bit out of it and just babbled on and on!

    Hope things are *really* going ok for you guys (yogurt pants aside – hey! sounds like a good name for a quirky rock band … Yogurt Pant Band). Ok, there’s the proof that I’m totally losing it!

  6. I probably would have done the same thing myself…no…I mean..I probably would have played with the yogurt and spilled it all over, and my teen girls would have snuck off in embarassement….

  7. My daughter once opened a bag of pasta while riding in the cart and little rotelles spilled all over. Did I take the second bag away from her? I did not. Did she rip this one open too? She did.

    Live and learn. Hopefully.

  8. Aidan’s dropped a jar of something or other on the floor and the lid popped off and made a mess. Luckily the jar did’t break! Sounds like a common thing all us mommies deal with!

  9. Our grocery store shopping carts have cup holders, so the other day I put my brand new iced coffee in there and turned my back to grab cheese out of the refrigerated case, and… you guessed it. He THREW the FULL iced coffee down onto me. It was such a mess, I still have nightmares.

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