Best Shot Monday – 1/14/08 – First haircut

On Saturday we took the kids for haircuts. It was Julian’s first “real” haircut other than the time I haphazardly trimmed his bangs a couple of weeks ago. He did a lot better than I thought he would (no tears, no need to be held) and was content the whole time. It’s amazing what a difference a haircut makes. He looks like a little boy now for sure. (Sniff, sniff) No more crazy fly-away baby hair. 😉

Here’s my pick (a storyboard) for Best Shot Monday this week:
Julian’s first haircut - 1/12/08

Here is what was left behind in the chair after Julian was done:

Julian’s first haircut - the aftermath

And here are the two kiddos Saturday night, just being sweet on each other:

Things that make you say awwww - 1/12/08

Our weekend was a good one. Besides the haircuts on Saturday, we hit up Target for some great deals on kids’ clothes on clearance (for next winter) and got a Baby Trend Sit and Stand LX double stroller also on clearance. It is the first NEW stroller we’ve ever purchased. The other ones we’ve accumulated over the past 3 1/2 years have come from consignment stores/sales and, invariably, ended up having something wrong with them. I’m looking forward to getting some good use out of this one. After Target we went to Costco where the kids enjoyed samples of yogurt and fresh fruit (lots of it), then picked up some lunch and had a picnic on our living room floor.

Saturday evening I met some friends for dinner at a Mexican restaurant. It was also a surprise baby shower of sorts for one friend who is due with baby #3 due in March. It was great to see everyone and had been too long since we’d all gone out together. I think it’s safe to say a good time was had by all. I know I really enjoyed catching up with them and just sharing stories about life, husbands, kids, etc. We hope to try to get together like that more often. The adult company is definitely needed and enjoyed.

On Sunday, I slept in while Jody got up with the kids. Then I spent some time cleaning and working on the computer while Julian napped and Jody and Ava went out to run errands. My sister came over in the late afternoon and we went out for a walk with the new stroller. Then I made dinner and we all ate together. It was a nice relaxing day.

How was your weekend?

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31 thoughts on “Best Shot Monday – 1/14/08 – First haircut”

  1. sounds like a nice weekend! the haircut pictures are wonderful – he’s really cute!! congrats on the new stroller. we had one of those and really liked it (til it got left behind at the park, a whole other story).

  2. We love the new stroller! Before the walk, Ava filled the little “secret compartment” up with granola and then as we walked she would periodically stand up, open the tray, and grab a little snack. Julian likes that he’s right out in front and has fun when I push faster, Ava is rear facing and loves it too actually.

    I won’t comment on strollers left at the park, but have to comment on actually saying “a whole other” instead of “a whole nother,” you get 50 pts! (Whats up with sticking the word “whole” inside of “another”?)

  3. Love the series from his haircut! I’ve been thinking about taking Will in for his first haircut, but I’m sure he won’t sit still, so I keep putting it off.

  4. I love the haircut pictures! They are awesome..The way my son’s hair grows..he will be six before he ever gets one…LOL! My friend Paul calls him cue ball….Sounds like you had a nice weekend…

  5. perfect weekend – and perfect storyboard, and photos too!

    *sigh* that first haircut is so traumatic (for the mommy – usually!), i am working up to it with the craziness we call “hair” on addie…

  6. Our baby grandson is looking so grown up-it just seemed to happen so fast. Glad you were able to enjoy some adult socialization. Sounds like you all had a great weekend. Great pictures of the little guy and the two kids together.

  7. He looks like such a little boy now- but still so sweet. I am sure you will like not having to deal with the ‘wild’ hair though. 🙂

    Glad you like the stroller- I tried to get on Sunday, and they were all gone. I went on a walk today with my crappy double one (also second hand), and I need to find a new one- it was so hard to push the dang thing. Enjoy! 🙂

  8. Oh, how cute is that!!
    I love it!!

    I love Storyboards and want to do more. How cool you have an action that does it. I would love to know about the program that you bought for photoshop, too. Only I use Elements.

  9. Very cute pics of Julian!! Both your kids are adorable 🙂

    Hope you love your sit n stand. We have one too and Reagan sometimes likes to sit but mostly stands. 🙂

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