What a deal (squeal!)

I’ve happened upon quite a few deals the past couple of weeks and, being the benevolent person that I am, I thought it was only fair to share them with you, my awesome readers. 🙂

Last weekend Target had baby and toddler winter clothes on clearance from 30-75% off. I stocked up on some clothes for the kids for next winter, including a coat, two pairs of pants, and a jacket for Ava and four shirts and a pair of jeans for Julian. It’s hard to turn down shirts priced at $2-3! We also got $40 off this Baby Trend Sit-n-Stand stroller. From what I could see, many of their strollers were marked down.

Thanks to The Natural Mommy and one of her readers, I learned about Hot ‘n Ready pizzas from Little Caesar’s. You can get a large pizza (cheese or pepperoni) for just $5 any time. You just go in and the pizzas are uh, hot and ready. 😉 Pair it with a salad and it makes a quick and cheap dinner on those nights you just don’t have the time or desire to cook. Wonder if they will give me some free pizzas after that glowing endorsement?

Mamanista currently has a contest going on for $100 to spend at Vincent Shoes. Well, I headed over there and was AMAZED at the winter sale they have going on. Several of their boots, shoes and indoor shoes (like slippers) are priced at 50-75% off. I bought four pairs of shoes for the kids yesterday – Dennis and Max for Julian and a pair of each of these Stripe indoor shoes for Ava and Julian – for $37 (plus shipping, it was $47). Not bad at all. By the way, the indoor shoes are perfect for Ava for inside time at her Waldorf preschool. All of the kids have to have a pair of inside shoes to keep at the school. At $6.25/pair, you can’t beat ’em!

Lastly, over a week ago, Steve & Barry’s had a sale going on (and it might still be going on) where everything in the store was just $8.98 (or less). EVERYTHING. I got a pair of Sarah Jessica Parker’s new brand BITTEN jeans and they fit really well. I’m quite smitten with them. In fact, they were the jeans I was wearing when Julian’s yogurt explosion happened. And Jody, who had been rockin’ the two pairs of jeans he was down to and free “work” Google shirts a little too often lately, got two pairs of jeans and two shirts. All five items for just $48.50.

I’m not one to advocate consumer whorism, but if you need the items you might as well get good deals on them, right? 😉

8 thoughts on “What a deal (squeal!)”

  1. wow that is a great list of deals. i’m trying very hard not to buy anything new in january (one of my 101 in 1001) so i’m wishing i hadn’t read this post:-) i have been avoiding steve and barry’s like the plague because i know that deal is still going on…

  2. I’ll have to check out S&B’s again- I picked up a really nice sweater for work there, last month, and tried some of the Bitten jeans on, but they didn’t fit me so great- too short. But maybe they got some new ones in.

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