Best Shot Monday – 1/28/08 – Sleep tight

Looking to step outside of the box a little bit this weekend, I took this picture of our reflection in the mirror. It didn’t turn out exactly as I’d hoped (let me tell you it’s damn hard holding a 25 lb. baby in one arm while holding a heavy SLR, arm outstretched in the other), but I am still rather fond of it. 🙂

Julian sleeping on mommy - self portrait - 1/27/08

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Best Shot Monday

29 thoughts on “Best Shot Monday – 1/28/08 – Sleep tight”

  1. What a nice moment captured. My “extended out with one arm” shots NEVER come out that good!

    I was just in the same position not half an hour ago. H was having a hard time calming down into nap mode today – over tired. We rocked for awhile. So peaceful.
    (when he stopped crying, that is!)

  2. Awww, what a sweet moment!!

    I treasure these rare pics of me and the kids – imperfection and all! I framed on of Q and I that’s totally OOF even 😉 It IS hard to get a pic of yourself.

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