That’s how much money we saved ourselves this weekend by picking up the dog crap in the yard ourselves, instead of hiring the local pooper scooper to do it.

dog poop signAfter the diagnosis of the crazy balled up ligament in my back and the increasing pain I was experiencing, I felt justified in considering hiring someone to remove the last two months’ worth of frozen poopsicles from our yard. However, after discovering the pooper scooper charges $40 per 5-gallon bucketful for a one-time removal, and knowing our backyard was fuller than I should probably admit, Jody and I decided just to do it ourselves this past weekend. Most of the snow had melted, the temperature was in the 50s, the sun was shining – it was a glorious day for poop scooping.

After quickly realizing a yard full of poop was no place for a toddler, Julian hung out in the swing while Jody, Ava and I all got to work. I know what you are thinking – what awful parents, making your 3-year-old pick up dog crap. The thing is, she insists that she helps. She was like that this past fall and apparently the novelty hasn’t worn off yet, so I’m going to enjoy her enthusiasm while it lasts.

Ava was so cute while we were spending family time picking up poop together too. She remarked, “See mama, you didn’t have to pay someone to pick up poop. You and me and Dada can do it. It’s the whole group family picking up poop.”

Who says you need a day at the park to get in good quality family time? We can get it right in our own backyard while picking up dog poop! :oP

Anyway, we ended up filling up our 5-gallon bucket two and a half times. $100 worth of crap. Makes me wonder what in the world the pooper scooper does with all of that poop.