Best Shot Monday – 2/4/08 – Couch monkey

Who’s that monkey climbing on the couch?

Monkey on the couch - 2/3/08 Couch monkey - 2/3/08

Pics taken from our loft, looking down on the living room. Julian was all over that couch on Sunday – climbing on the cushions, climbing on the arms, falling off the arms. Such fun! Also, is it just me or does it look like he’s sprouting little devil horns in these pics – especially in the second one? I know, I know, not my little angel. 😉

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Best Shot Monday

25 thoughts on “Best Shot Monday – 2/4/08 – Couch monkey”

  1. so cute! my little one does that too. we take it a step further though and throw all the couch pillows on the floor so she can crawl all over them. she loves it!!

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