Got Twitter? Got spam?

At Jody’s suggestion, I signed up for Twitter today. And then I went on to spam the entire world, or at least that’s what it felt like.

Once you sign up, Twitter gives you the option of finding people from your email address book who are already Twitter’ers. I did that and added a bunch of folks. Cool. All was well and good.

After that it gives you the option of being notified when other people in your address book join Twitter OR SO I THOUGHT, so rather than sift through my address book (i.e. everyone I’ve ever emailed or who’s emailed me), I went ahead and hit “Select All.” But no, that’s not what it does. Not at all. What it does is spams everyone in your address book with an email like this: “amygeekgrl wants to keep up with you on Twitter.”

No matter that I don’t even know who everyone in my address book is (like all of the people I’ve corresponded with about Craigslist or Freecycle items or people at help desks or Yahoo! Groups I belong to, listservs, etc.) or that there are people I haven’t emailed in years or my daughter’s preschool teacher and other preschoolers’ parents. It doesn’t discriminate. Everybody, it seems, is a potential future Twitterer. (Updated to add: I just checked my gmail account – I have 1271 contacts. Eek-gads! Perhaps it’s time to actually go through those and weed out everyone I don’t know.)

I’m truly mortified.

I got a few emails back from people I don’t know like this one:
“hey what is twitter?”

and this:
“I have no idea who you are but do not send me spam. Thank you.”

I should consider myself lucky they haven’t been any worse, but there’s still time. 😉

I’ve thought about sending another spam out to the masses to say “I’m sorry,” but I figure I will leave well enough alone. I’m just responding to the emails (and apologizing profusely) on a case-by-case basis. I hope most people just disregard it as spam and go about their merry way.

I do want to say here that I’m so so sorry to everyone I inadvertently spammed. It was never my intention.

And now I will go put myself in timeout. I obviously shouldn’t be allowed to spend any more time on the Internet.

(But if you are on Twitter and you didn’t get spammed by me and you want to be my friend or whatever it’s called over there, look me up! I’m amygeekgrl AKA super big dork!) 😉

Cute free shirt? Sign me up!

greenfruitPolly Tod is a new online store with cool baby clothes. They will give you a free t-shirt if you blog about it*. So here I am, plugging this store so I can get my free schwag because their stuff is so cute. 😉 Now my biggest problem is deciding which shirt to get for the li’l man.
I’m rather fond of this one – Thinking Green from Day One. But I’m also keen on I love fruit, ‘cuz that boy loves him some fruit! Which do you like?
*Actually, the free shirt offer is closed for now, but I hear they will open it up again in the future, so watch the site for details.