Cute free shirt? Sign me up!

greenfruitPolly Tod is a new online store with cool baby clothes. They will give you a free t-shirt if you blog about it*. So here I am, plugging this store so I can get my free schwag because their stuff is so cute. 😉 Now my biggest problem is deciding which shirt to get for the li’l man.
I’m rather fond of this one – Thinking Green from Day One. But I’m also keen on I love fruit, ‘cuz that boy loves him some fruit! Which do you like?
*Actually, the free shirt offer is closed for now, but I hear they will open it up again in the future, so watch the site for details.

6 thoughts on “Cute free shirt? Sign me up!”

  1. Man I WANT this shirt:
    ModesTod – Heavy Petal Vintage Burnout Tee

    I love this for Delaney. I like the Thinking Green from Day One shirt, too.

    Thanks for the cool site 🙂

  2. I love the fruit monster for Julian- he would look adorable in it! Let me know (if you can) when they open this up again-I adore their AB/CD shirt, that looks like ACDC- I have seen that before, but didn’t know who makes it. They have great designs!

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