Got Twitter? Got spam?

At Jody’s suggestion, I signed up for Twitter today. And then I went on to spam the entire world, or at least that’s what it felt like.

Once you sign up, Twitter gives you the option of finding people from your email address book who are already Twitter’ers. I did that and added a bunch of folks. Cool. All was well and good.

After that it gives you the option of being notified when other people in your address book join Twitter OR SO I THOUGHT, so rather than sift through my address book (i.e. everyone I’ve ever emailed or who’s emailed me), I went ahead and hit “Select All.” But no, that’s not what it does. Not at all. What it does is spams everyone in your address book with an email like this: “amygeekgrl wants to keep up with you on Twitter.”

No matter that I don’t even know who everyone in my address book is (like all of the people I’ve corresponded with about Craigslist or Freecycle items or people at help desks or Yahoo! Groups I belong to, listservs, etc.) or that there are people I haven’t emailed in years or my daughter’s preschool teacher and other preschoolers’ parents. It doesn’t discriminate. Everybody, it seems, is a potential future Twitterer. (Updated to add: I just checked my gmail account – I have 1271 contacts. Eek-gads! Perhaps it’s time to actually go through those and weed out everyone I don’t know.)

I’m truly mortified.

I got a few emails back from people I don’t know like this one:
“hey what is twitter?”

and this:
“I have no idea who you are but do not send me spam. Thank you.”

I should consider myself lucky they haven’t been any worse, but there’s still time. 😉

I’ve thought about sending another spam out to the masses to say “I’m sorry,” but I figure I will leave well enough alone. I’m just responding to the emails (and apologizing profusely) on a case-by-case basis. I hope most people just disregard it as spam and go about their merry way.

I do want to say here that I’m so so sorry to everyone I inadvertently spammed. It was never my intention.

And now I will go put myself in timeout. I obviously shouldn’t be allowed to spend any more time on the Internet.

(But if you are on Twitter and you didn’t get spammed by me and you want to be my friend or whatever it’s called over there, look me up! I’m amygeekgrl AKA super big dork!) 😉

41 thoughts on “Got Twitter? Got spam?”

  1. Lol! That sucks. And my response to that email? I checked your blog, and got a really good reason for why I randomly received spam from you like that. Not that I mind, but I was a little confused. No worries about me though. I’m actually enjoying the little bit of laughter it brought to my day. 😀

  2. Hey! I didn’t get any spam from you! I’m bummed 🙁

    Just kidding – ha! Oh well, though – people will just assume it’s spam and delete it. I’m going to check out this twitter thing, though…

  3. I did something like that once! I actually got kicked out of a listserv group because of it… “spamming” was totally against the rules. And they didn’t sympathize that it was totally accidental.

  4. I got the email and totally fell for it. I was like “Humm, what is Twitter…should I do it? Amy usually knows about cool things”. Then I read your blog an rolled on the ground laughing…not at you, but with you, and especially about the sillyness that people get about email. Just a mistake, opps, it happens. Oh so funny!

  5. Too funny…

    I’m a little suprised that people actually take the time to respond & say things like “stop spamming me”. If they don’t know you, or aren’t interested in twitter, it’s much quicker to just hit delete!

    I get stuff like that all the time and it takes no time at all to delete the ones I’m not interested in. So don’t stress about it, they’ll get over it 😉

    (BTW I must live under a rock, I have no idea what twitter even is, ha)

  6. I was wondering about that.
    Sadly, I put my blog together to consolidate my pals from the plethora of online communities so I shan’t be joining you, but have a good time over there, just don’t forget about us.

  7. lol — i was actually trying to compose a nice response about how i just don’t think i can do twitter right now…then i read your post!;-) seriously, i ♥ facebook and i use my status updates on fbook just the same as twitter…i can’t do both! but i know twitter saves them, etc, but i have lots of friends on fbook already so it works…if you join, friend me:-)

  8. Oh, gurl…this is what VDog calls a TOTAL. Cracker. Moment.

    You shall get over it. Fear not. I hope you don’t get anymore haters!!

    Thanks for “following” me on Twitter!

  9. Well, my feelings were hurt, I DID NOT get such an email. Of course I have a real tight email filter working. Very few can get through. Howdy Amy from Texas!

  10. hahahaha I got it and wondered what it was. Bookmarked it to look at later 🙂 Ah no worries, people need to chill out if this is the worst of their problems 😛

  11. I got the spam and had no idea who you were! I asked another Amy I know, “are you this person?” then finally googled and got here… Guess you and I “met” on freecycle at some point. Strange world we live in…

  12. hahahaha! I was flattered that you sent me an email because I had no idea you knew who I was. Oops!

    No problem – your friends won’t be bothered and the folks who weren’t your friends will get over it. Right? Right.

  13. yeah, i was all embarassed because i just set up a twitter account – and when i saw that you were “following” me, i freaked thinking you would think i was a huge dork because i have no idea what i’m doing 🙂

  14. you are way too hard on yourself super big dork. LOL It’s more than twitter that does that…I wouldn’t worry about one is perfect…and well those complaints about spam….someone is obviously home with nothing to do! I haven’t joined twitter yet, please let me know how it is. I have tons of other stuff…I must sell online you know. I am not a spammer, but I have been called an internet junkie….I’ll take that I guess.


  15. Ha ha, i got an email that you were following me. I didn’t think anything of it & went & followed you as well 🙂 I didn’t even connect you to the blog, lol.

  16. LOL…you spammer, you! I got spammed, but I won’t hold it against you…I promise. 😉 I looked at it briefly and decided I didn’t need one more thing to suck up my life on the internet. I feel like I already have too much time on the computer as is.

  17. I’m not even in your address book and I got your spam……hahahah just kidding. I have no clue how I ended up on this page or why I just read a years worth of comments about twitter. 😀

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