My li’l sis, almost Esq.

Today and tomorrow (2/26 and 2/27) my little sister will be taking the Colorado Bar Exam. Keep her in your thoughts as she kicks butt and takes names, k?

Have I mentioned that the two of us were fantasizing just the other day about starting our own non-profit organization for pregnant women’s rights? Hey, it could happen. 😉

I love ya, sis. You can do it! 🙂

7 thoughts on “My li’l sis, almost Esq.”

  1. Good luck to your sis!

    I was fantasizing the other day about starting a non-profit for women to become land owners (since 80% of the world’s food is grown by women yet they own something like 1% of the land).

    Last year my fantasy was to buy a huge house and invite homeless/at-risk pregnant teens and teen mothers to live there,rent free while they stay in school,obtain job skills,etc.

    (That one actually could still happen)

    Look at us and our silly dreaming!

  2. Good luck to lil’ sis on the Bar. It sucks to be taking it, but after it’s over, you get such a high that you go eat Chinese food and then sleep for 13 hours. Well, maybe that’s just me. Much luck!

  3. Thanks big sis! I’m not sure if I kicked any asses and my organizer seems not to contain any names, but it’s good to know I’m cared for and supported. 🙂

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