Wordless Wednesday – 2/27/08 – Do it myself

The yogurt explosion - 2/23/08 Got into the exersaucer all by himself - 2/25/08

A note on the exersaucer pic (making this a not-so-wordless-Wednesday): The other day I was in the kitchen making dinner and looked up to see Julian sitting in it. I asked Ava if she put him in it. (She may only be 3 1/2, but she is very strong and often lifts her 25 lb. brother. Oy.) She said she didn’t. Upon further inspection I discovered he climbed into it himself and was sitting backwards, with his right leg in the left leg hole, hence his left leg/foot on the top. How could I not take a picture? 😉 It was a good reminder that it’s time to put the exersaucer away.

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