Wordless Wednesday – 2/27/08 – Do it myself

The yogurt explosion - 2/23/08 Got into the exersaucer all by himself - 2/25/08

A note on the exersaucer pic (making this a not-so-wordless-Wednesday): The other day I was in the kitchen making dinner and looked up to see Julian sitting in it. I asked Ava if she put him in it. (She may only be 3 1/2, but she is very strong and often lifts her 25 lb. brother. Oy.) She said she didn’t. Upon further inspection I discovered he climbed into it himself and was sitting backwards, with his right leg in the left leg hole, hence his left leg/foot on the top. How could I not take a picture? 😉 It was a good reminder that it’s time to put the exersaucer away.

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23 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – 2/27/08 – Do it myself”

  1. HAHAHAHA! My oldest would climb into the baby bouncy seat ALL the time!

    Great post! Hope you are having a good Wednesday! Come check out what I am NOT doing today, since I did it yesterday!

  2. Isn’t it amazing how quickly they grow up? I turned around yesterday and Lily was standing on top of the kitchen table so that she could get better access to both her crayons and her paper. Wish I’d had my camera nearby, but instead I just freaked and ran over to get her down before she fell!

    😉 Julie

  3. What a boy! Julian’s quite the climber, just like your younger brother was. Loved the yogurt explosion and the look on his face in the exersaucer, like he’s saying,”What, Mommma? What’s the big deal?”

  4. Oh – LOVE the ice cream photo. So cute! I love those messy kid photos 🙂

    I was laughing about the exersaucer! DD loved to be in it – ONLY AFTER ds was born (and she was like close to 2). Funny, ds didn’t care much for it either at that “normal” age 🙂

  5. We have that same exersaucer and I have been in the process of cleaning it up to put it away, too (yes, it’s a multi-day process…it was in pretty bad shape since we used it in place of a high chair!). It’s hard to know what to do with it…it’s a pain to store it, but it was the only thing M would ever tolerate. So I think, “what if we have another wee one soon?” (why, yes! I am mad 😉

  6. Hi-Just recently discovered your blog and am enjoying it…I linked to your pads for education post last week and hope to make a donation soon. Am jealous you live in Colorado…that’s my soul home…instead I’m freezing in New England.

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