Best Shot Monday – 3/3/08 – Soup goatee

Julian LOVES his pumpkin and black bean soup. Can ya tell he fed himself? 😉

Julian’s soup goatee - 2/29/08
Taken with the point & shoot.

I’m not feeling too wordy today. Have this wicked cold/flu thing going on. I’m blaming the dramatic change in weather – 70s and sunny on Saturday, 30s and snow on Sunday. Jody bought a Neti pot this weekend and I may have to give it a go myself. I need to do something so I can breathe. ::whine::

Check back here on Tuesday. I’ve got an upcoming review and giveaway that all of you greenies or green-wannabes are going to love. 🙂

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37 thoughts on “Best Shot Monday – 3/3/08 – Soup goatee”

  1. I’m sorry you’re sick! That’s miserable. Feel better SOON!!

    Oh – and Julian is adorable. I love his eyes in this shot!

  2. The Neti pot will defiantly work! I got one for myself and ended up getting Daniel one too, he has totally stopped snoring. I like to say the neti pot saved our marriage 🙂 Because being pregnant and not getting sleep anyway add a horrible snoring next to ya… I was feeling like I might rip someones head off, LOL!
    I made a post a while back about the neti…

  3. Hehe, cute! Pumppkin & black bean – sounds good! Hope you feel better soon. Weather’s wacky here, too – SNOW in the forecast, in Texas in March. whew.

  4. I used the neti faithfully from May-September and had almost no allergy problem. Then, I slacked in the fall and winter and am currently paying the price having to make an international move with a horrible head cold/sinus infection. It is taking 5-10 minutes to get through and is just providing temporary relief right now. I am going to do it everyday from now on and hope to prevent future problems.

  5. There’s some nose stuff called Xlear that works really well for me. Stings a little bit, but it totally works. They have it at our Whole Foods…

  6. Cute photo! I’m sorry you are under the weather 🙁 I love my Neti Pot, for what it’s worth. It can take a little getting used to, but there is NOTHING like nice clean breathable nasal passages! I use mine whenever I feel like I’m feeling something coming on. Good luck!! Take some garlic, Vit C and echinacea – that can help 🙂

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