Clean green with Shaklee (review and giveaway)

This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to winner Lisa W.!

Last holiday season Oprah gave Shaklee natural cleaning products her nod of approval in her “Favorite Things” show, and now, after trying the Shaklee Basic H2 cleaner myself, they are getting the Crunchy Domestic Goddess nod of approval as well.

Basic H2 cleanerThe Basic H2 Organic Super Cleaning Concentrate is some powerful stuff with a lot of uses – from cleaning windows, tile and bathtubs, to wood floors, stainless steel and ovens and the list goes on. The 16 oz. bottle of concentrate comes with three spray bottles labeled for “all-purpose cleaning,” “windows and mirrors,” and “degreasing.” You simply pour in the recommended amount of concentrate (a few drops to 1 1/2 teaspoons), add your own water, and you are ready to start your cleaning frenzy.

I really like the Basic H2 Cleaner. It worked well both in my bathrooms and kitchen, and even helped me get a handle on my shamefully dirty well-used oven. The cleaner is unscented, which is nice for people who don’t do well with scented cleaners, and is, of course, nontoxic and biodegradable.

The fact that this little 16 oz. bottle can make 48 gallons of all-purpose cleaner (when you add your own water) is a big selling point for me, and it only costs $11.95.

You can buy your own Basic H2 Organic Super Cleaning Concentrate here or check out the numerous other Shaklee products.

shaklee giveaway

One lucky person is going to win their very own bottle of Basic H2 cleaner (plus three spray bottles). Please see below for what you need to do to enter to win. You must follow all 3 steps or your entry will not count.:

  1. Sign Mr. Linky below
  2. Link back to this contest on your blog (or, if you don’t have a blog, email 3 of your friends and CC: me on the email – amygeekgrl AT gmail DOT com)
  3. Leave me a comment stating something green and eco-friendly that you are already doing to make the world a better place.

The deadline to enter is Thursday, March 13. Winner will be selected at random (thanks to and announced on Friday, March 14. Good luck!

Thanks to Sommer, Shaklee distributor and blogger at Green and Clean Mom, for the great giveaway.

If Mister Linky doesn’t appear below (it seems to be having some down time), please do the other steps and check back later to sign it. Thanks!

54 thoughts on “Clean green with Shaklee (review and giveaway)”

  1. We are very sensitive to waste, our family of six uses very little “garbage”. We buy in bulk, use cloth bags for our fruits and vegetables and recycle and reuse everything we can. We average one kitchen size bag a week.

  2. I am cloth diapering baby #2 and I love it! Also, I just started switching over to Seventh Generation cleaners … they are SO much better on my asthma!

  3. We have become so aware of how we are living. We use reusable bags, biodegradable trash bags, recycle or reuse just about everything and buy organic. Our newest endeavor is composting – baby steps! I posted your giveaway on my Friday Round Up – thanks for the opportunity to win this great product.

  4. We eat locally grown vegetables, compost, cloth diaper, line dry, use reusable bags for shopping, have Sigg water bottles for every member of the family (even the baby!)and are really big into natural cleaning products that leave our house clean and safe for little hands and little bodies (as well as for our pets)

    Our all time favorite and inexpensive cleaning powerhouse products are baking soda and vinegar…but it sure would be nice once in awhile to have something as safe and effective to give your house that all American “i’ve just been cleaned” smell!

    I’ll be sure to post your give away on

  5. We tend to be better at sticking to some of our green habits than others, so in order of consistency:

    -Consume primarily organic meat and dairy
    -Use compact florescent light bulbs
    -Line dry our clothes
    -Use homemade or environmentally friendly cleaners
    -Grow our own produce as much as possible (in Minnesota it only works a few months a years)
    -Cloth grocery bags (I tend to forget them all too often)

    And up next: backyard chickens (free range eggs, natural pest control, and natural fertilizer!)

  6. I recycle, including glass which isn’t recycled in our little town. I have to save it and take it to the nearest city over an hour away. I also try to use safe and non-toxic cleaners.

  7. Sarah–we also have backyard chickens (to supply fresh eggs, fertilizer and garden pest control) on our list of “things we will do soon”…but in WNY it can get so cold that i worry about killing the poor things! We are trying to work out a chicken-friendly living arrangement that will also be easy on the eyes and the property values! Hopefully this summer is the Season of the Chicken here at our house!

  8. I’ve heard of the Shaklee line but haven’t tried it yet. Truthfully, I do a lot of my cleaning with just hot water.

    I’m so excited to see you on the Blissfully Domestic lineup. We needed a greenie!

  9. I’m always up for a new green cleaner! If their product can do the job on my toilet (see “if it’s yellow, let it mellow” discussion from last week), I’d be soooo happy.

    As far as green stuff, after years of recycling, we’re now focusing on consuming less. That means buying in bulk, growing a lot of our own stuff, and not buying stuff that uses tons of unnecessary and unrecyclable packaging.

    It’s definitely a process and I’d love to learn more about what others are doing on the “Reduce” portion of the three Rs so that I can imitate!

    Oh, and my post is online at:

    🙂 Julie

  10. Green things I do to make the world a better place:
    1. Sue the Fish and Wildlife Service for compliance with the Endangered Species Act.
    2. Click on the Rainforest Site.
    3. Reuse plastic bags.
    4. Use canvas shopping bags.
    5. Purchase Carbon Offsets.
    6. Drive a compact car with good mileage while I save up for a hybrid.
    7. Turn lights off in unused rooms.

    Thanks for running a great giveaway!!

  11. This is great! I love seeing what other people are doing!

    Some things we do are:
    ~Purchasing less ‘stuff’
    ~When we do buy something, are aware of packaging
    ~Use rice milk instead of cow’s milk
    ~”Meatless Mondays” as we move toward a more vegetarian lifestyle
    ~Purchase locally grown fruits and veggies
    ~Try to repurpose/reuse stuff that would otherwise get thrown away

  12. Justine – and other chicken enthusiasts. Here in MN I’m afraid to winter chickens too. We’re taking the plunge and getting chickens this summer primarily because I met a family that bought hens from local farms each spring and then sold them (usually via Craig’s list) to other farms in the winter.

    Wouldn’t work if you got attached, but it makes the whole project less daunting. You only need to commit for one season at first!

  13. Hi, I would love to win this. I do several things to help us live green. We recycle paper, glass, plastic and aluminum. I use cloth bags for everything. I shop at thrift stores, reusing older clothes,etc instead of buying new. We garden and make compost. And more. Thanks for the contest. I enjoy learning on your blog.

  14. What I’m doing:

    I hang dry as much of our clothes on racks here in the apartment.

    Cloth grocery bags. If we do get disposable, we get paper ones, use them to color on (Split them open makes a large area for coloring!) & then recycle them.

    Does breastfeeding count? No formula cans or now milk jugs in a land fill because of us.

  15. Things I’m doing to make the world greener…
    Organic gardening.
    Washing most my clothes in cold water.
    Just bought a house that will be eco friendly.
    Driving a veggie car.
    Use recycled bags and bio friendly house cleaning products.

    Hope my link thingy work for you!

  16. You will love the Basic H2. I have been using it for more than a year. I wash all of my fruits & vegetables with it. I also use it to spot clean the carpets and laundry. You can also use it to wash your car, patio furniture and so much more.

  17. One thing I am already doing to help make the world a little bit greener is to not use all of the lights in my classroom. Now, during FCAT testing they will all be on. We don’t want anyone thinking it is nap time. But in the normal course of teaching, I just don’t need that much light for the students to see properly.

  18. Count me in Amy as we are trying to go more green in our home. We have a compost, line dry our clothing in good weather, reuse as often as we can, buy second hand clothing instead of buying new when need, and are trying to convert to homemade cleaners among other things.

    I recently gave up my trusted tub and shower cleaner for pure baking soda… it was a step outside of the trusted box and the baking soda cleaned better than the tub cleaner from the store.

    blogged ya:

  19. I use reusable shopping bags. I take them to the grocery store and set them up in my cart by area (cold, pantry, frozen, veggies ect..)as I shop, I put them into the proper bag. When I check out, I have them put them back in the bags the same way. Then when I get home, the goods are in the bag all together! Its fast and easy to put everything away! ( my husband hates it…wont shop with me. which is kind of a plus to it as well ;P)

  20. We are making a conscious effort to reduce waste. We use our own shopping bags and try to reduce the amount of packaging we throw away by making a lot of our own foods from scratch. We’re also trying to free the house of any unecessary chemicals and this cleaner would be great to help that effort!

  21. We use vinegar and water to clean our floors, rarely turn on our AC and keep our house a bit cold in the winter and just wear extra layers instead.

  22. The thing I’m most excited about doing is starting a compost pile this year. I’ve been researching it and can’t wait for the weather to break so I can get outside and get it started.
    We also use reusable grocery bags and are in the process of changing over to CFLs.

  23. We’re still working at it, but so far we’ve started using reusable bags (love them!), recycling more, switched light bulbs, and switched to to non-toxic cleaning products.

  24. Let’s see…we use cloth overnight pants in leiu of disposable pull-ups, use natural cleaners, recycle, try to eat organic as much as possible, etc… Enter me please! I jsut tried a sample of the H2 cleaner and loved it. I’d love to get a bottle of it! Thanks.

  25. Neat product, sent my emails. Thanks for the chance. I try and be eco-friendly by reusing my grocery bags, and by using washable cloths for cleaning rather than paper towels.

  26. I would love to give this product a try.

    Things that are earth friendly in our house already – no paper towels, reusable rags etc… and recycling socks and whatnot into rags too. Cloth washable feminine hygiene products, which I loveeee. And some nice cloth reusable grocery bags which are way better than any disposable grocery bag will ever be.

    I’m sure there are other things but I’m half asleep LOL

  27. I would just love to win this product, I am wanting to go natural with my cleaning. What am I doing to help, I am taking my own cloth bags to the store when I go shopping. 🙂

  28. Hi there,

    I would LOVE, to win this product as I’m currently detoxing our home from harmful chemicals. I mainly use natural cleaning products but have never tried Shaklee!!

    Here we,

    – grow our own garden
    – raising chicken’s for the 1st time this yr.
    – Purchased safe H2O bottles to keep re-filling
    – Eat organic whenever possible
    – Try to VEG OUT for one day a wk.
    – line dry clothing/diapers
    – energy efficient appliances- plus, I use them during off peak times and cold wash only!
    – Cloth diapers/wipes/grocery bags
    – Breastfeeding
    – Purchase sustainable products when possible
    – use CFL’S
    Would like to start composting and cloth napkins (use recycled) soon…one green step at a time!!!!

  29. I’ve stopped buying bottled water and use my Sigg bottle instead. And I make a big effort to not get plastic bags when I do groceries but instead bring reusable bags. All our lightbulbs are the energy efficient ones as well.

  30. I think it’s great that you’re talking about green cleaning products. It’s so important that we get all the toxic chemicals out of our houses. There’s a great summary of what toxins are in “traditional” home cleaners at this website. Pretty scary stuff!

    And if you’re looking for a good source for buying Shaklee Get Clean products, I can recommend this website

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