Getting our green groove on!

Amy’s picHello. 🙂 I’m Amy, also known around the internets as amygeekgrl. Welcome to my groovy green blog party, part of the Ultimate Blog Party hosted by 5 Minutes for Mom! I’m so glad you stopped by. 🙂 Come in, have a seat and let me offer you something to eat.

Brownies with heart -2/7/08

Oat-nut scone with strawberry jam

Can I tempt you with some homemade granola or perhaps an oat-nut scone topped with strawberry jam or maybe you’re in the mood for a Grilled Panini with Provolone and Basil or a brownie baked with love? I have a fair bit to choose from here, as I enjoy cooking and baking a great deal. 🙂 I just wish I had more time to do more of both.

Me and the kids on New Year’s Eve - 12/31/07Now that you’ve got something to munch on, let me tell you a little bit about myself. First and foremost, I’m a mom. I stay at home with my two amazing children – Ava (3 3/4 years old) and Julian (15 months). My husband Jody and I try to raise them with the philosophy of attachment parenting in mind, though we really just follow our instincts and do what feels right for our family.

I have a lot of passions that I like to write about on my blog. Some of them include home birth (my son was a footling breech and born at home), breastfeeding (I’ve shared my experiences of nursing while pregnant and tandem nursing), and informed healthcare decisions (why we delay/selectively vaccinate). I also write a lot about the environment (picking up trash in our neighborhood, composting, and recycling) and do a weekly Green Tip of the Week column with suggestions to make life a bit more eco-friendly. Some would call me a hippie or granola or crunchy, hence my blog title. 😉

One of my favorite quotes is “You must be the change you wish to see in the world” by Gandhi. I try to live by that philosophy both on my blog and in my life.

I also write about maternal health as a contributing editor on BlogHer, write reviews for Green Mom Finds and will soon be joining the team of Blissfully Domestic as the Eco-Diva.

I like to do giveaways here at Crunchy Domestic Goddess. In the past I’ve given away t-shirts, natural cleaners, reusable bags, books, toys, and even a digital camera. I currently have a giveaway going on right now for a bottle of Shaklee Basic H2 natural cleaner. It’s good stuff! The deadline to enter is March 13. Hope you’ll check it out and enter to win!

In addition to my blog, I also have two online stores – Attached At The Hip, featuring AP advocacy wear and more and home to the I make milk. What’s your superpower? shirt, and Cute As A Bug, featuring cute and original designs for babies, kids and adults. I enjoy photography (and love taking part in Best Shot Monday), reading, and hiking.

green balloonsYa know, this is my kind of party, very environmentally friendly – no paper or plastic waste and little carbon emissions! 🙂 I hope you enjoyed your visit and will come back again.
Please feel free to sign up for my RSS feed or follow me on Twitter (amygeekgrl)! And, of course, be sure to leave me a comment so I can try to come check out your party too. 🙂

Now it’s time for the kids and I to get our party groove on, but feel free to visit the rest of the other party people linked up at 5 Minutes for Mom.

Julian’s got his cape and is ready to party! Ava’s got her cake and is ready to party!

Edited to add: I’ve donated a prize – an I make milk. What’s your superpower? short-sleeved t-shirt – to the Ultimate Blog Party. It is prize #141 on the prize list.

There are so many great prizes to choose from in this year’s Ultimate Blog Party, but my top fvie choices are: Bead Dangle Photo Tile Necklace by Elemental Memories, Marketing for Entrepreneurs by Lis Garrett, Burt’s Bees Naturally Ageless skin care line by Geggie, Go BPA Free Sippy Sampler Kit by The Soft Landing and Rocking Horse by A Rocking Horse To Love. If my top five picks are already taken, then I’d also love any of the following (in order of preference) #11, 12, 15, 2, 3, 14, 32, 34, 37, 70, 72, 79, 87, and 5 or anything related to a toddler or preschooler. 🙂

228 thoughts on “Getting our green groove on!”

  1. hey, happy blog party!! mmmmm, homemade granola!! i *need* to make some this weekend!

    i just read julian’s birth story~ beautiful! i was also a surprise footling breech but was born cesaren. oh, and my last baby was 9 pounds 8 ounces too 😀

  2. Would it be greedy to have a panino and a brownie?

    I’m diggin’ on your blog! I’ll definitely be back. Please stop by my blog party for a cocktail and party games.

    Have a great week.

  3. Amy! Thanks for throwing such a great party!! It is wonderful to hear more about you and your family… we share many of the same interests and passions! Including brownies and panini!

  4. I am a long time lurker via your RSS feed but thought I’d stop by and say hi to celebrate the party! I am also partying over at my blog, but sadly Five minutes for Mom is down for me so I can’t join in properly quite yet!

  5. WoooHooo! A party today! And I saw that someone was bringing cocktails, too. In a sleepless Mama’s world, it’s never too early for cocktails (and your fabulous pumpkin & black bean soup which I’m making at this very moment).

  6. Ooooh, the scones sound so good!!! So nice to meet you Amy! My name is Shera and I’m from A Frog In My Soup!!! This party is very fun so far, even if the girls are having a little trouble with the main site (poor things)!


  7. happy blog party to you! wow, i’m impressed by all you do for our environment. we are trying to add good things to our routine like gardening and composting and recycling…oh and turning down the thermostat (& putting on more clothes!). maybe you will challenge me to do more. stop by my party if you get the chance!

  8. WOOHOO!! GREAT party here sugar:) I”m havin’ a blast meeting all the new ladies and seeing the different blog personalities! Stop by mine if you get a chance. You are all invited!

  9. Nice to meet you, Thanks for the party and the food. After having my 2nd child I got a computer and meet alot of mothers on line with a child born the same time my son was born. It was at that point that I was told I was an attachment parenting sort. up until then I had never heard of the term, but like you I just did what my instincts told me to do. So I guess my instincts think attach parenting is a Great thing 🙂
    Stop on over at my blog my party is in swing.. Your invited and bring a friend or two the more the merrier..
    Happy party week.

  10. Hi Amy! It seems like we have quite a bit in common.

    I’m looking forward to testing out some of your wonderful-sounding recipes!

    Happy Blog Party!

  11. The panini sounds yummy! I have twins so I know all about tandem nursing. The nursed tandem until they were 18 months old. I love the “I Make Milk What’s Your Superpower?” t-shirt! The “superpower” aspect makes me feel a bit like Superman, who is my favorite superhero. I’ve never thought of myself as a superhero before.

    Have fun partying this week!

  12. I think that’s great that you’re raising your children to be so “green”. I’m a big fan of the attachment parenting and breastfeeding too!

  13. Great blog with great information and tips for our society. I had two natural at a maternity center and one at the hospital. The hospital experience was horrid, the maternity center a blessings.I have saved your site in my bookmarks and will come back often.


  14. Are you sure you made the brownies right? I tried the scratch and sniff method and then got desperate and tried the licking method.
    neither worked. 🙂
    Great site, I found it just a few weeks ago. We’re busy going green over at our place too. (
    I totally love the I make milk shirt. Next baby, I’m so getting me one of those!

  15. So good to “meet” you! I will definitely be back – one of my New Year’s resolutions was for us to try to live greener and I already have done a few things but there is always room for more!

    Love the “I make milk” shirt – I need that! ; ) Stop by and visit our party when you get a chance!

  16. hey amygeekgirl
    your name does ring a bell, can’t remember where from (i am waiting for my espresso machine to heat up lol)
    love the photo of you’n’your kiddos.
    happy partying,
    love kate in NZ X

  17. I love the blog party – otherwise i don’t think I would have stumbled upon your great blog. I’ll be back – thanks for the fun!


  18. Mmmm… I’ll take the panini, please.

    Your little ones are adorable and you are SO BUSY!! I’ll be back to check out your blog. There’s just so much here!

    Happy party 🙂

  19. How nice to meet you! I really enjoyed this post. I’ve bookmarked you…looking forward to reading in the future!

  20. I LOVE your header image!!!
    Wow a breech home birth… you certainly “walk the walk” as your ‘crunchy’ name implies. I’m very impressed!!!

    I think attachment parenting is awesome and I try to do as much as possible… but i fall very short.

    Party on!

  21. Hey I have been here before and everytime I come by for a visit I just can’t get enough, so much information and its very good stuff!
    Take Care!

  22. My sister has that “I Make Milk…” shirt! It’s my favorite!

    I love to sample the brownies but are they gluten-free? Come and visit my party in the Bahamas!

  23. Hi Again,
    Thanks for stopping by:) I love your site!!! I have visited again…love the I Make Milk! You are one amazing woman! so much on your plate…and dedicated to informing others.

  24. Your blog is so informative and reader-friendly…I found a lot to relate to, even though my babies are grown up now. Breastfeeding was one of the most wonderful, positive experiences of my life, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

  25. I want to be you. That’s not me saying I’m so weird stalker who will someday lurk in your bushes. What I mean is that I want to do better and “get my green groove” back. Thanks for sharing all this great information!

  26. Love the prize idea! We’re big fans of the show “Heroes”…I never thought about the fact that I have/had a super power until now! Thanks!! 😉

  27. Stopping by to say hello while I mingle around the blog party. Nice to meet you. You have a nice blog. Cute little munchkins too.
    Thanks for the desert

  28. I have enjoyed clicking around on your site and I’ve learned a few things. Wish I had that cute T when I was nursing. My husband called me The Dairy Queen.

  29. Hey there. What a fun and exciting blog to come across during this ultimate blog party! I love it! So much great information that I love to know about! have a wonderful week! stop by and say hi!

  30. Great party post! My dd is doing delayed/selective immunizations as well and I agree. I wish I would have known more about it back when mine were younger. Party on!

  31. Wow…that food looks delightful! I admire your ideals and will certainly keep tuned in for any ideas to make the world a greener place. I think it’s so important.

  32. You have me drooling! You are quite a busy lady. I’m trying to start tree hugging, one step at a time. I love the shirt that you are donating – the quote and the fact that it’s 3/4 sleeved! Which reminds me, I have to check and see if my prize has been added.

  33. Great blog. I really appreciate reading what you write about. I practice some aspects of AP and it is always nice to hear about it from others.

  34. You’re party was so creative and made me hungry for brownies! Thank you for a great post. Would love to connect sometime. I blog on green baby products as well as helping new and expectant parents go green. Stop by, hope to see you!

  35. Stopping by your blog party to say Hi!
    Like your Green Blog! Thanks for helping to make our world a greener place to live!

    We have so many trees in our yard they are about to take over! Don’t know what I would do without them. Love all the wildlife that visit our yard.

    Come visit my party.

  36. I kind of happened upon your party another route but I am glad I came.
    Your site rocks. I do a lot of attachment parenting with my 20 month old twins sons, still breastfeeding , co sleeping and I am doing my best to be more environmentally friendly. I love your site – can’t wait to come back and explore some more.

    Please come visit my party too
    My Little Drummer boys

  37. Cool greenie site. 😉 Love the milk t-shirt. Too funny. We had a pick-up-trash day on our block that we lived on up in Arkansas (the Natural State) and it pooped the kids out. We homeschool, so we sure got a few strange looks as people drove by. Afterwards, we walked in to a McDonald’s and had a nice cold drink. The kids learned a valuable lesson about NOT throwing the trash out in the first place – because it is ugly and difficult to pick back up. Hopefully they won’t ever become litter-bugs. 🙂

  38. Hi, I have been on your site many times. Just wanted to stop by and say this is a fantastic party! You know I enjoy your site. Thanks,Cindi

  39. Hi Amy – good to meet you! Just makin’ the party rounds. Have fun this week – and you’ll be happy to know we do recycle at our house. 🙂

  40. I absolutely LOVE your website and this is a great party post! I’ve been trying to go a little more green in my every day life and this site is going to be great motivation for me. Thanks and happy partying!

  41. Trying to become “greener” and need all the advice and help I can find. Going to enjoy looking around.
    Great “partying”with you!
    If you have a chance check out my giveaway HERE!

  42. Hello from a Fellow Blog Party Mom,

    I love your layout. That Oat Nut Scone is yummy looking. Taking a bite now! Yep, a vitual non calorie snack time.

  43. Hi Amy,

    Sweet blog you have, I’m hungry thinking about the brownie you baked for the party. 🙂

    Hugs, Danette

  44. Happy Party! I would love to have a brownie! They look so good! It’s so nice to meet you and I feel like I may have been here before but can’t remember.
    Great party you have here!

  45. I love your stores! I do hope to win your shirt. One of these days…. well, I’m not even nursing anymore, but I’d still wear it. And when I have the next baby…. well, I’ll be set!

  46. Nice party post. The brownies sound great, and your t shirt just made the top of my wish list. I’m definitely in to the green-ap-crunchy mom blog thing, so I’ll be back. 🙂

  47. 54 — $60 Gift Certificate
    21 — Foot Revitalizer
    113 — Arbonne Pampering Basket

    91, 60, 64, 96, 79, 81, 117, 135, 146

    What a great contest idea. I love it. this will be fun!

  48. Great party you are having here =) Of course I’ve been stalking, err, I mean reading for a bit now and I have to say that I love your blog =)

  49. Love the green theme! Reminds me that St. Patrick’s day is right around the corner, and green is for green grass too, hard to imagine with three feet of snow on our ground today. 🙂

  50. Hola!!! nice to “meet” you!!! wow, i love your blog! i will defiently bookmark it!! your family is beautiful!!

    take care,

  51. Hi, what a nice party and goodies you have. I am so going to try the granola recipe. Thank you very much. Feel free to stop by my blog and check it out. I am giving away a door prize as well, $15 Joann Gift Card and I have also donated a prize to the party, #135 Knitting goody bag. The party is great and thanks again.
    Debi 🙂

  52. I am so glad I participated in this event.
    I loved reading about you and your family, and I will be recommending your blog to the mommy bloggers I know.
    Wishing you joy and peace,

  53. Hi there! I’m trying to live a greener life, and while I don’t have a family (yet) I think I’ll find plenty of great information here. I’ll be back to check your site out in more detail. Hope you’ll stop by and say hello!

  54. Hello Amy, Nice to ‘meet’ you. I like what you have done with your site and I have very much enjoyed reading. I just bookmarked you. Happy Blog Party to you 🙂

  55. Hello! Nice to meet you! We are in the process of “turning green” here (as my husband likes to put it) and Im always looking for tips and others who are already earth concious! 🙂

  56. Oh, now I am so hungry! I love the I Make Milk shirt. It reminds me of my sons school last year. They have a field day at the end of each year where the kids do fun stuff all day, all over the school. It is run by us parents and is so fun. Anyway, each year we get a new shirt and since this year the theme was ‘On The Farm’, our shirts said “Got Milk?” on the front and then Lyons Field Day on the back. Many of the women said they were embarassed to wear them and I just laughed. Do they think the other moms dont know they are able to make milk?? hehehe

  57. Hi Amy,
    MY best friend (since we were one) is named Amy – nice to meet you. I will certainly be back to spend some quality time here. You have a ton of info – I can always use some encouragement for continuing along the green path. I love the milk tee – I have successfully nursed 3 babies (currently nursing baby 3). It has been a fantastic experience for me (thank God) I know that is not always the case.
    Have a great time partying! It is gonna take me quite a while to ‘see’ everyone.

  58. I have not experience a tandem nursing, but I have experience butt breach. I was glad to be in a hospital because it was really painful. 🙂

    Sounds like we share idea of parenting. We do what feels like and we’re on hand and available as often as needed. Strangely enough, my children are not clingy. I hold them a lot when they’re babies.

  59. good to see someone thinking about being earth conscious and living a simple life – too much about babes is all consumption!

  60. Lovin’ you green party! We are an attachment parenting family with 4 kiddos ranging from 2-12 years old, and one more due to be born the end of May.

    I love the superpower t-shirt as I have nursed though pregnancies and tandem nursed. Started nursing in 1995 when dd was born and 12 1/2 years later Its just been one weaning sometime after the newer one was born and I have not stopped since the day I started (exhausting some days, but the best choice I made!). Our two year old seems to be almost done now … maybe I’ll get a month off before new baby, but then again maybe not

  61. Hello!!! Lovely to meet you via the UBP!!! 😀 It would be impossible to pick *one* of your yummy treats…must try them all I guess! 😉 Wonderful though provoking blog here, so glad I came!! Have a wonderful weekend!!

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