Best Shot Monday – 3/10/08 – Hanging out

The weekend was sunny and semi-warm, at least warm enough for some good outside play time which is what the kids have been craving these days.

On Sunday we went to the park for a while. The kids did some swinging, went down the slide, demolished the sand cakes Jody and I made, and even got in a bit of hang time. Since I didn’t take very many pics this week, these are going to have to do for my best shots. 🙂 They were both all giggles while upside down and Julian gave new meaning to the term “hanging out.”

Ava and Jody at the park - 3/9/08 Julian and Jody at the park - 3/9/08

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28 thoughts on “Best Shot Monday – 3/10/08 – Hanging out”

  1. That tummy hanging out is precious. My girls are already 6 and 8… it’s a great age because they think and talk and come up with the most interesting observations. I love having conversations with them, but sometimes I miss their younger days so much!

    We watched home videos this afternoon. Tamar was so talkative at the age of 2 and Yael flourished over the course of an hour of home videos from a crying newborn into a smiling, babbling 6 months old. I promised the girls we would watch more home videos next weekend – they had so much fun watching them – but for me it was a bittersweet experience.

  2. Very cute! I used to give my Dad the heebie jeebies doing that. Now I have kids I understand why! LOL!

    I want to tickle that belly button. 🙂

  3. Oh those are adorable photos! We spent time outside yesterday too – still cold and snow on the ground, but the sun’s been out and it’s starting to feel like spring might be around the corner finally! 🙂

  4. I love the tummy, too. It’s amazing what kiddos will tolerate and what I have somehow not been able to tolerate for years now. Like being upside down.

  5. It looks like the fam had a nice time outside on Sunday. Spring is coming! Glad your weather was warm. Good pictures of the upside down grandkids.

  6. Kids love hanging up side down !! I used to as well … but I think if I did that now, I’d faint and fall off ! ha ha Not a pretty mental image !!

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  8. Beautiful classic shots. I remember the days when my kids use to do that. Thanks for bringing that wonderful memory back.

    I’m new to your blog, please feel welcomed to come and visit mine.


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