Green Tip of the Week # 17 – No more phone books

I’ve gotten a bit lax in my green tips the past few weeks, but I’m armed with tips galore and will be bringing them to you weekly once again.

phone bookThese days we can look up just about anything and everything online. Does anyone even use their phone books anymore for anything other than a child booster seat? 😉

Did you know you can opt out by removing your name from thee pesky phone book delivery lists? It’s quick and easy and saves a tree!

Click the button below to sign the Yellow Pages Paperless Petition and Official Opt-Out Registry (includes Australia, Canada, United Kingdom and the United States):
Click keys, save trees.

Locally here in CO, I’ve heard you can also call these numbers to get your name off the list. Not sure if this applies elsewhere in the US:
DEX: 877.2 GET DEX
Yellow Book: 800.929.3556

What do you do with all of the phone books you’ve collected over the years? Recycle them, of course! Check with Earth911 to find the phone book recycling center nearest you.

Just a reminder, Earth Day is April 22 this year. I will be doing a special Earth Day post/giveaway prior to the big day, so keep an eye out for it. 🙂

Have any green tips you’ve recently learned? Please email them to me and I may include your tip with a link to your site or blog in a future post. 🙂

23 thoughts on “Green Tip of the Week # 17 – No more phone books”

  1. This is GREAT! I didn’t know I could opt out. If I can catch the delivery guy, I tell him to take them with him; otherwise I just put them right in the recycle bin. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Thanks for this. We just moved and in the past month have gotten three of the same phone book. Hopefully this works for more than the Yellow Pages brand, because we have gotten the AT&T brand here.

  3. I agree completely! Yesterday while doing some spring cleaning at my parents house I discovered 10 old phonebooks just in one closet! And who knows how many more I’ll find. I think it is a huge waste! The Internet is an unlimted resource that can enable all of us to go phone-bookless.

  4. Thanks for the tip! Looking forward to more….and the Earth Day giveaway!

    Hey…bummed about your fave Mex restaurant going out of business (from your last post). Hope there is a new favorite on the horizon for you:)

  5. Wow, I guess I’m old fashinoed. I still use my paper phone book all the time! I will have to recycle the old one when I get the new one though!

  6. We’re on the same wavelength again! Eric and I were just talking about this last night. Now I must go get rid of the phone books permanently. We keep getting them around here so frequently, it seems like every quarter.

    Fortunately our trash service will recycle them.

  7. I’m with Michelle. I don’t use the phone book every day, but sometimes its invaluable. Try comparing ads from a dozen different roofers online!

  8. I’ve often thought that my poor phone book was a waste of space in my house…but never considered opting out of receiving one! What a super green tip! Thanks, i will pass this on to friends and family.

  9. Consumers can now “opt out” of receiving telephone books at This organization will contact the publishers and inform them to stop delivering books. This is a free service for consumers. is working with state and local governments on ordinances concerning the delivery of unsolicited telephone books. is not against the telephone books but against the delivery of 4 to 5 pounds of paper on people’s door step 5 to 6 times per year and being told it is our responsibility to recycle something we did not ask for. If we need a book we will call. Otherwise I “opt out” from receiving it

  10. My Husband and I use our cell phones as our home phones. Once we cancelled the land line – poof! no more paper phone books to clog up the recycling bin. Now what do I use for booster seats & step stools? 😉

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  12. I know I’m late to the party on this one, but I finally decided to go opt out… but this isn’t really an opt out. It’s a petition demanding an opt out system be established. A good thing, if you believe that online petitions have any weight, but not the same as other opt out systems like the DMA and the credit bureaus have.

    If only there were a real opt out… I only need one of these things to prop up my monitor, but they keep dropping them off!

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