The Truthiness of the Matter (BSM – 4/7/08)

Ever since Sweetney did her Truthiness Self-portrait post about a month ago, many women I know from around the ‘net have joined in to share themselves – no shower, no hair brushed, no makeup, no teeth brushed – first thing in the morning too.

I took these pictures over a week ago and have been holding them hostage onto them, but the time has come for full disclosure. Here I am – the “real me” – moments after I woke up (oh, and my little friends joined in too).

Me in the morning - March 2008 Me and Ava in the morning - March 2008 Me and Julian in the morning - March 2008

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25 thoughts on “The Truthiness of the Matter (BSM – 4/7/08)”

  1. Amy, you’re a brave woman. 🙂

    And may I say, you look fresh-faced and cute and natural. I don’t think I look so cute first thing in the morning, but of course I can’t tell for sure, b/c without my contacts I don’t really see anything, and once I put them in, it is after my face has already been washed.

    Great photos. 🙂

  2. You know, you look gorgeous even first thing in the morning!

    I think about this a lot. There are so few pictures of me. I take pictures of everyone else at their best and worst moments and think nothing of it…but if I’m going to have pictures of myself I want to look good. So even if there are pics of me I don’t share them or (gasp) I delete them. It’s really a problem. So good for you for just doing it! I need to lighten up on myself and allow pictures of the “real me” too.

  3. How cute are you??? I don’t think I’ve mentioned it before, but you look so much like my best friends’ DSister (but she doesn’t have your gorgeous full lips) 🙂

  4. At least that was in the morning and not at 4pm in the afternoon! I’ve looked like that right before the hubby comes home and I’ll jump in the shower and brush my teeth to impress him! LOL! Yeah, right!

  5. Not bad at all! 🙂 You look very pretty- just a bit tired, but we all understand that! I’ll have to think about doing this too- not sure if the blogosphere is ready for those pictures though. Thanks for sharing.

  6. You know, I may have to join you on this one, do tell me kidlettes are not required (otherwise there will be a delay ;-))

    Love the kid pose.

  7. Amy… how do you look so NORMAL? I look like a train wreck upon waking up!! What’s your secret. And how does your hair look so good!??
    I may scare people if I do one… but I will do one!!

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