Buying a shirt = a donation to save women’s lives. Can you do this too?

After researching and writing my recent BlogHer/Global Giving project posts about Afghan women and the people of Darfur and then reading Her Bad Mother‘s post about women and children in Nepal and Denise‘s post about the HIV/AIDS stigma in South Africa, I began racking my brain for a way that I could make a contribution to the GlobalGiving projects other than just blogging about them. I love to raise awareness for issues, but I often lack the funds to make monetary donations.

I’m going to change the worldBuy a shirt, donate to GlobalGiving
Since I can’t donate money already earmarked for living expenses, I had to find another way. After giving it some thought, I decided to donate a percentage of all sales from my two online stores
* Attached At The Hip
* Cute As A Bug
for the duration of the BlogHer campaign – from April 7 through Mother’s Day, May 11. Have you been eying a shirt from one of my stores for a while? Maybe the popular I make milk. What’s your superpower tee for yourself or a friend or an I’m going to change the world shirt for your little tree-hugger? Now is a great time to make that purchase and help support a good cause too!

Will you join me?
I’m asking those of you with online stores, Etsy shops, etc. to consider doing the same thing. Or, if you run BlogHerAds on your site, consider donating a portion of your commission from April. You could even auction something off on your blog and raise money that way. If you’d like to participate and donate a portion of your sales to one of the GlobalGiving causes to improve maternal mortality and save women and children’s lives, please leave a link to your store (or blog if you will donate part of your BlogHerAds commission) in the comments. I will keep track of the links and post about the participating bloggers/stores later in the month.

Thank you! 🙂

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