The Earth-Mother’s Day Giveaway

Earth-Mother’s Day Giveaway


In the spirit of celebrating the original mother, our Mother Earth, for Earth Day and all mothers for Mother’s Day, I decided to combine the two occasions into one big celebration with a huge earth-friendly mother-centric giveaway.

Just as the Earth is our Mother and we must take care of her, we must also take care of our mothers – all mothers. Since joining the “mommy club,” I’ve met some amazing mothers (both here on my blog and out in the “real world”); mothers who deserve to be honored for all that they do to take care of their children and their families. Moms so often make sacrifice after sacrifice to insure their family is provided for. And while the rewards of being a mom are priceless, it is sometimes nice for moms to get a little something extra, a little mommy schwag if you will. 😉 That is why this giveaway is designed specifically with moms in mind, to give them some practical things, as well as some fun things, but most importantly to honor them with some green cheer.

Donations for this great green giveaway have come from the following awesome stores/blogs:

Mission Playground KIT shirtMission Playground‘s hip and unique designs promote environmental awareness on soft, organic cotton tees. Mission Playground’s approach is “to create awareness through our environmentally conscious and globally mindful designs.” Some of my favorite designs include: Life’s a Garden, Dig it., Nature’s Calling, and Keep In Touch. Mission Playground carries women’s, men’s and children’s sizes, and donated 1% of sales to non-profit environmental organizations through their S.E.E.D. program. MP has donated two women’s organic t-shirts to the giveaway.

Choose happiness t-shirtTees for Change simple designs on organic cotton or bamboo shirts inspire conscious living. The Tees for Change mission is “to inspire you to live life with passion, purpose and positivity. We believe that practicing mindfulness and loving kindness throughout daily life can enhance our whole being.” I personally love “Choose Happiness” and “Live Mindfully,” but Tees for Change has a wide selection of sayings with something that should appeal to everyone. Tees for Change has donated one woman’s organic cotton shirt.

Oceano earringsOceano Sea Glass naturally recycled gems jewelry is hand-crafted from glass that has been rubbed smooth by the ocean. Combing far-flung beaches and discovering the sparkle of “ocean gems,” Christine and her daughter Emily have been inspired by the beauty and significance of sea glass and turned their found treasures into jewelry. Oceano has donated two beautiful one of a kind sets of earrings (one green, one brown) to the giveaway.

BYO BagsSay goodbye to wasteful plastic bags with BYO Bags – reusable produce bags. They are made from nylon mesh, and are reusable, lightweight, breathable, washable and durable. What’s Cooking Weekly – an online menu service offering “healthy and seasonal recipes, grocery lists and tips on making cooking with your kids fun and simple” – has donated two sets of three BYO Bags.

Lily’s Garden Herbals all purpose cleanGreen cleaning has never been easier than with Lily’s Garden Herbals All Purpose Clean. Made from natural substances like vinegar and essential oils, Lily’s Garden Herbals get the job done without the worry over harmful chemicals. LGH has donated 2 – 32 oz. bottles of All Purpose Clean.

Wrap-n-matPlastic sandwich bags can be a thing of the past if you use reusable Wrap-n-Mats. The Wrap-n-Mats double as a sandwich wrapper and a place mat. Nature Moms blog has donated two Wrap-n-Mats.

Tree in a boxCelebrate the Earth by planting a tree with a flowering catalpa Tree in a Box. Planting a tree doesn’t get much easier than this. The Tree in a Box comes with everything you need. La Mama Naturale blog has donated two Trees in a Box.

One lucky person will win:

  • 1 Mission Playground woman’s organic t-shirt
  • 1 pair of Oceano earrings
  • 1 set of three BYO Bags
  • 1 32 oz. bottle of Lily’s Garden Herbals all purpose clean
  • 1 Wrap-n-Mat
  • 1 Tree in a Box

And one even luckier person will win the grand prize which includes:

  • All of the things mentioned above
  • And 1 Tees for Change organic cotton t-shirt.

While I wish I could open this up to moms all over the world, I’m sorry, but I have to restrict it to US residents only. To enter the Earth-Mother’s Day Giveaway, you must complete the following three steps.

  1. Leave a comment stating your favorite t-shirt design from Mission Playground or your favorite piece of jewelry from Oceano. Please make sure you include a valid email address so that I can contact you if you are a winner.
  2. Link back to this giveaway on your blog or, if you don’t have a blog, email the link to this giveaway to three friends and cc me on it – amygeekgrl AT gmail DOT com.
  3. Sign Mr. Linky below.

All three steps must be completed in order to have a valid entry. The deadline to enter is 10 a.m. Mountain Time Sunday, May 11. Two winners will be chosen using the Random Number Generator later that day (May 11) and announced on Monday, May 12. Good luck! 🙂

Here is the code for linking back to my giveaway button. (It wasn’t working properly earlier, but I believe it’s been fixed now. Email me if you still have problems. Thanks.):

138 thoughts on “The Earth-Mother’s Day Giveaway”

  1. I LOVE beach glass, so it was hard to choose only one beautiful design from Oceano, but I think it has to be this ultramarine sea glass collar:

    Thanks for doing this fantastic giveaway. I will of course put your button in my sidebar and have also mentioned you in my Earth Day post:

    I even posted some gardening tips on GreenArtz:

    Happy Earth Day!

  2. Favorite design from missionplayground: Intelligent White

    I’m linking away as soon as I finish this comment.

    As always, you’re awesome and I adore you!

  3. Hi! What a great way to celebrate Earth Day!

    I linked to your blog many moons ago but will post about your contest!

    I love the recycled sea glass jewelry and find it a fitting prize on such a day.

    Happy Earth Day!

  4. What a great giveaway!!
    I love those seaglass earrings! I think the white ones are my faves.
    The tee’s are really great, too. The *intelligent design* one is probably my fave of those.
    Thanks for entering me!

  5. I love the Mission Playground Model tee that looks like those old pop-out and assemble toys and the Oceano Snow Queen bracelet is lovely…

  6. I love sea glass. My sweetie brought me a jar of it from Alaska a couple of years ago. 🙂 Just a tidbit that I thought was cool…he said that the friends he stayed with told him that the blue is actually a bit rare as it was believed to be from small glass Vicks bottles that the sailors used quite a while ago.

    With that said, I really like all of Oceano’s goods but I really, really like the Pave, Multihued Sea Glass Bracelet. 🙂

  7. I like the kids t-shirt “life’s a garden…dig it” It looks so 70’s Plus I can’t wait to get into my garden for the year.

    Happy Earth Day, I am linking you with my Earth Day Events we just finished.

  8. Love all of Mission Playground’s kids tees. I think my favorite was the monkey one though! Tough choice to pick just one!

    I provided a link back to this giveaway on my blog post today, but I was having issues using the code you provided (most likely due to my own technological ignorance). There’s a link there though, so I hope that still qualifies me for the giveaway!

  9. Done, done, and done!

    I love the Hope on olive, but it looks to be sold out. 🙁 I also love the Find Yourself in Nature in the kids’ section. Such beautiful, artful tees. SO unlike the other graphic tees you see for kids these days!

  10. Happy Earth Day to you also!
    My favorite from MP would be the Live:Red for children! I don’t even have kids yet, we are trying soon, but I am starting my stash of earth friendly stuff now!
    Also FYI your code above has extra ” marks ” so it doesn’t work properly with out removing the ” ” from both site links.
    Great giveaway!

  11. I’m gonna have to say my favorites from both companies! I’m loving the Wind – Rust long sleeved T from Mission Playground, as well as the tawny brown sea glass necklace from oceano. Totally coveting the whole prize package, frankly. *dreamy sigh*

  12. I love the Chocolate Communicate t-shirt from Mission Playground and the Recycled Bottle Tawny Brown Sea Glass necklace from Oceana. Great stuff!

    Great giveaway!

  13. Oh goodness, the anonymous comment above this one (left at 4:33pm on April 23rd) was mine – for some reason my info didn’t take – hopefully you’ll still accept me as a part of your giveaway!

  14. Well, hmmm – in the women’s styles, I like the Chocolate “Communicate,” but I wish they made some of their children’s options in bigger sizes! 😀 I love the kids’ shirt with the penguin & “Is it getting HOT in here?” on Lemon. So cute!

    This is a great contest & giveaway, thanks!

  15. My favorite t-shirt design is the white “Intelligent Design” shirt. Wish I had it when I went to see “Expelled” last weekend.

    What a humongous giveaway! Thanks!

  16. Great fun here! Thanks so much for yet another exciting offer. I’m loving the green earrings and “Life’s a Garden” tee – 07AKSSTGARDEN – for the Maxling (he’s becoming quite the gardener as you’ll see on his livejournal). Chocolate color or grass works for us. 🙂

  17. Awesome giveaway, Amy!

    I love several of the kid’s tees especially the tree saying “I’ll watch your back if you watch mine”. The blue sea glass earrings are very pretty, too.

  18. Hello, Thanks for a fun giveaway contest! I like the “Intelligent Design” t-shirt design and the “Spring Rain”,Sea Glass Pendant. Please enter me in your drawing. Thanks very much…..Cindi

  19. My favorite jewelry piece was Pave, Multihued Sea Glass Bracelet. I don’t have a blog, so I’ll be emailing 3 friends.

  20. I had to pick a fav t-shirt and jewelry!!!
    My T-Shirt pick was Nature’s Calling…that is a TOTAL trip! Love it!
    I love love love love the Snow Queen, pure white seaglass bracelet!!!! I’ve made my very own seaglass necklace! I’ve never heard of this until a few years back! They have some GREAT pieces in their store!!!! What I made didn’t look near as good as hers!!!!

    I will blog about your give-away…RIGHT NOW! I’m also doing all 3 steps…so enter me to WIN…please! =)

  21. What a great giveaway! My little man would be adorable in the chocolate “Life’s a Garden – Dig it” tshirt.

    Adding your button right now….

  22. I LOVE the hope shirt for women – too bad it’s sold out. I also really like the garden kid’s shirt. That would certainly “fit” my treehuggers in training!

  23. I love the Luna earrings from Oceana. I will do all 3 steps but I don’t really blog so I will add to my activism site 🙂 Thanks for all the F*U*N! Peace, Cherie

  24. I absolutely love the “KIT” design t-shirt. This is such a great giveaway. I don’t have a blog, but I am e-mailing this link to all my friends. Great job

  25. What an awesome giveaway! I just discovered your blog, and will be back to investigate often. I love sea glass, and my favorite piece from Oceano is the Luck and Protection bracelet. I’ll link you up!

  26. Hi there! Glad to have this page referred to me…I’ll be sure to pass it on! I fancy the Olive green “Hope” t-shirt.

  27. Hi there! Glad to have this page referred to me…I’ll be sure to pass it on! I fancy the Olive green “Hope” t-shirt.

  28. Love the Hope/Olive but it says sold out — so Intelligent t’shirt is my 2nd choice… Canary Island Sea Glass bracelet is beautiful….

    And I must say, I have to check out those sandwich bag things. I was just thinking that I needed something like that. My son throws away the sandwich container lids or the whole containers… drives me nuts. Plus, they look awesome for picnics!

    Going to do a linky-love post now….

  29. Wow! Great giveaway! I’d like to enter! I love Mission Playground’s Intelligent Design shirt!
    P.S. Look out for my giveaway that I am announcing on Wednesday!

  30. My favorite t-shirt is the Hope tee for women, but that is sold out. My favorite that isn’t sold out is the Intelligent design. My favorite piece of jewelry is Ultramarine Seaglass Collar. Very pretty!

  31. The Kid’s shirts I like are Ant Farm and Garden – Chocolate. My son loves to garden! Or maybe he just likes the dirt…
    I LOVE sea glass. I collected a lot of it in Belize and have never figured out a way to turn it into something cool. I visited the etsy shop and I like the Canary Island, Sea Glass Bracelet.

  32. That Ultramarine Seaglass Collar is beautiful, and I love that I could wear it and not worry that my son will break it when he grabs it!

  33. My favorite is Luck and Protection – Green is my favorite color, and the design feels peaceful (corny, I know. My email is in my profile. :o)

  34. I love the Ultramarine Seaglass Collar, and the kids’ Keep Growing shirt … and lots of other stuff on those sites, too 🙂 I’ve faithfully linked back from, where you can email me through the ‘contact’ button on the left.

  35. Whoops … I didn’t mean to be anonymous but was too quick with my button-pushing; alas & apologies. So, again, I love the Ultramarine Seaglass Collar, and the kids’ Keep Growing shirt … and lots of other stuff on those sites, too 🙂 I’ve faithfully linked back from, where you can email me through the ‘contact’ button on the left.

  36. Pingback:
  37. I love the “Life’s a Garden” shirt– too bad it’s only for kiddos! Also, the bracelet with the blue sea glass is gorgeous. 🙂

  38. I like the Communicate – Chocolate tee design & the Snow Queen, pure white seaglass bracelet

  39. Wow! 99 comments! My very favorite Oceano item is the Ultramarine Seaglass Collar, but then I feel like a pig because it’s nearly the most expensive item on the page. I alternatively like the Double Indigo Blue Seaglass earrings. Something about cobalt glass always makes me very happy (despite its history of housing poisons).

  40. My favorite design from missionplayground is Intelligent White. I’ll email 3 people and cc you. Thanks…

  41. I love, love, LOVE the Pave Multihued Sea Glass Bracelet! Pretty 🙂

    My favorite tee is the Hope Olive.

    I’ll link you…

    Thanks >

  42. I like the Luck and Protection, Sea Glass Bracelet from oceano. very chic. I have emailed the link to 3 people. Thanks for the giveaway!

  43. I like the Luck and Protection, Sea Glass Bracelet from oceano. very chic. I have emailed the link to 3 people. Thanks for the giveaway! I posted above too, sorry didnt know if u had my email address.My email address is

  44. The Med. White Intelligent Tee is my fave, and I love Oceanos Luck and Protection bracelet! I am going to jump back over there and tell them so!

  45. I like the Ultramarine Seaglass Collar from Oceano and the ‘Intelligent’ t-shirt from Mission playground.

  46. I think the pieces that Oceano has on her etsy site are beautiful! The Ultramarine is just absolutely breathtaking. Of the ones in the giveaway, the green would be my prize of choice (though both are lovely!).

  47. I like the Hope Olive t-shirt from Mission Playground and the brown t-shirt is pretty neat, well actually all of them are rather nice, but I would pick the olive t-shirt.

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