Thank you, my mommy community

When Ava was born nearly four years ago, I could count the number of mommy friends I had on one hand, er, maybe on two fingers. That didn’t bode well for a very good support network as I entered into the uncharted waters of motherhood. I’m happy (and relieved) to say that number has grown exponentially over the years (or I’m sure I would’ve lost my mind) thanks largely to blogging and, more recently, Twitter. I’ve met mommies (at least virtually) all over the globe and have made real connections with many. Through blog posts, comments, emails and tweets, I’ve been fortunate enough to become part of a community of women who truly care about each other. While we may not all share the same parenting philosophies, religions or political views, we have one thing in common – we are all mothers who love our children.

mothers_day.jpgHappy Mother’s Day to all of the amazing women who have been a part of my life (even if only on the Internet) for the past several years. You’ve each touched my life in one way or another and I am grateful for all of you …

– My mommy friends IRL (in real life) including those who have started blogs of their own: Heather, Julie, Melissa, and Sonja.

– My mommy friends who live in the same state as me (CO) who I’ve yet to meet: Katja, Lucretia, Amber, Hatchet (oh wait, I’ve met her!), Kristen, Sarah, Amy, Dawn (wait, I know her too!), Laura, and the Mile High Mamas.

– My mommy friends elsewhere in the US: Steph, Arianne, Ashlee, Leigh, Cara, Deanna, Scylla, Justine, Darla, Alli, Megan, Summer, Sommer, Phyllis, Amy, MB, Melody, Ninotchka, Emily and Jenny, Liesl, Tracey, Jennifer, Annie, Denise, Tanya, Nona, Christina, Nell, Carrie, Christine, Dawn, Deb, Rixa, Sarah, Military Mama, Donna, Christine, LaTara, Ana, Cristina and Izzy, Leslie, Halloweenlover, Jennifer, Erin, Stephania, Kristen, Alana, Tiffany, Dawn, Elizabeth, Michelle, Mama Luxe, Christina, Laura, Michelle, Cristina, Beth, Tara, Michelle, Beckie, Jen, Erika, Farrah, Jenni, Lotus, Stacy, VDog, Jennifer, Amy, all the Blissfully Domestic mamas, Jennifer, Shannan, Janice and Susan, the mamas at API Speaks, the Pinks and Blues girls, Jennifer, the BlogHers, Melody, Mimi, Vered, Maggie, Susan, Jennifer, Barb, Karla, Stacie, and Erika.

– As well as those mamas in other countries – Half Pint Pixie, Isil, Penny, Chelle, Alice, and Sinead.

– And the numerous other mommies who I invariably (and regrettably) left out. And of course, my own mother too.

Thank you to all of you for being my community, my sounding board, my support network and my friends, and traveling with me on my journey through motherhood. 🙂 I’m so glad I haven’t had to do it alone.

I wish you a wonderful Mother’s Day full of lots of love, kisses, hugs, relaxation and chocolate. I hope you can each take a moment out of your day today to reflect on your personal journey through motherhood and to give yourself a pat on the back (and maybe another piece of chocolate too). You deserve it. 🙂

If you haven’t yet seen the Ultimate List of Moms on Twitter, check it out sometime. And if you aren’t on Twitter yet, what are you waiting for?! Come to the dark side join us. 🙂

Happy Mother’s Day!