The “magic stick” is a must-have for every mommy’s medicine cabinet

When Ava had recently turned 3 years old, she was playing at a friend’s house when she slipped and fell forehead first smack dab into the corner of a wooden decorative box. The goose egg on her head began to form as immediately as the tears began to stream down her face and my friend immediately went to get the “magic stick.” She rubbed it on Ava’s head as I comforted her, and it greatly reduced the amount of swelling and bruising, helped with pain and was also a great distraction.

The “magic stick” is technically known as Hyland’s Bumps ‘n Bruises Ointment with arnica, “the most widely recognized homeopathic medicine for bruising and swelling right on the spot.” It comes in a tube and is easily applied to bumps on the noggin or pretty much anywhere else on the body.

We bought our own “magic stick” not long after that incident and have used it several times since, including last night when Julian took a header into the coffee table. Unfortunately he didn’t just smack his forehead, but his teeth too and we’re visiting a pediatric dentist tomorrow to make sure everything is OK.

In addition to reducing swelling, bruising and pain, it also acts as a good distraction to the injured child. It’s also a lot easier and quicker to use than applying ice to an owie. (Have you ever tried to get an upset toddler or preschooler to hold ice on a bump? It doesn’t happen.) And the fact that we call it a “magic stick” makes it even more appealing to the kiddos.

I highly recommend the Bumps ‘n Bruises stick for every parent’s medical arsenal. You can buy Hyland’s homeopathic products at most health food stores like Whole Foods and Vitamin Cottage and they may also be available at Walgreens, CVS and Rite Aid, but I’d call ahead first.

A tip to keep the ointment stick from getting too mushy (which can happen especially if it’s warm out) is to keep it in the refrigerator. That’s where ours is, at least until the next bump comes along.

Also, if you missed my post about children’s sunscreen safety, I hope you will check it out. It’s something all parents should be aware of.

25 thoughts on “The “magic stick” is a must-have for every mommy’s medicine cabinet”

  1. We use regular arnica for most bumps and I have some Bumps and Bruises tablets for anything too close to the eyes or mouth. I use the arnica on myself. Works fab!

  2. We were in of the “magic stick” the other night but used an alternative that can also be found @ CVS (at least in CA.) it’s Arnica Salve made by De La Cruz. Pretty inexpensive stuff and works fab. The first bump on the forehead we’ve endured….so far!!! I need to get the Hyland’s and have it on hand- great fridge tip! : )

  3. oh Amy, would you believe 10 minutes after I read this, littlepixie took a tumble off the couch! As I sat there holding frozen peas onto her forehead while she squirmed, I was thinking of you and your magic stick! Definitely going to look for some this weekend! And must buy some more arnica, why does it always disappear when I need it? Thanks for the info 🙂

  4. we have used arnica gel for a long time – i’ve never heard of the magic stick until now! it would make for easier application on some areas, i will definitely have to check it out.

  5. I swear by arnica for all the bumps, bruises , sprains and muscle aches that my kids get playing sports. I’ll have to pick up the stick, too,.

  6. I didn’t know about this…running out as we speak to get one :). My three year has decided to become a gymnast, and I think I may need one fast!

  7. With my little guy trying to learn to walk and my 7 yo now riding without training wheels – augh – I see myself needing to buy a CASE of this. 😉

    I hope the dentist visit turns out well. My daughter fell and cracked her teeth when she was a couple of years old. We didn’t know it at the time, but there were hairline cracks that later opened up to decay. The ped dentist tried to fix them with paint-on enamel and it didn’t work – he wanted to schedule a surgery to fix them as she was too young to pull them and just wait for her front teeth, but my ex refused to help pay for the anesthesia. (Great guy. Yep.) ANYWHO, her front teeth are finally FINALLY out and now kids don’t ask her about her “ugly teeth”. It was heartbreaking. *sigh* (Now ask me what I really worry about. haha)

  8. I don’t have kiddos of my own yet, but I had surgery a couple of years ago and someone suggested arnica for the bruising and swelling. It worked beautifully!

    I may invest in the “magic stick” for myself. I have a tendency to bruise easily, and I’m a bit of a klutz, so it seems like it would come in handy!

  9. Here in Brazil arnica is very popular. My mom have always used it with us, and now I use it when Lucas often bumps his head or other body part on corner tables and so on… 🙂

  10. We are big fans of Hyland’s products around here….and homeopathic remedies in general. I used arnica to reduce…ahem…any postpartum swelling i had after my birth. Worked like a charm!

    Sounds like you are having heck of a week with all these bumps and bruises! Eudora had a rock hurled at her back from a fellow-playground-user on Tuesday…it must be the season for injuries.

    Best of luck at the dentist with Julian 🙂

  11. That’s fabulous! My daughter has her first black eye. She is enjoying learning to crawl and pull up, but took a dive into our entertainment center. It is difficult to get ice on an 8 month old!!

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