Best Shot Monday – 5/19/08

I’ve been slacking in the photography department and am going to use today’s post as an attempt to play catch up. My “best shot” will be at the end.

Between my birthday, Mother’s Day, Ava’s preschool May Pole Celebration, and every day life, there have been a lot of photo ops lately. Here are just a few (from the point & shoot and SLR). Oh, and I should mention I didn’t take the ones that I’m in. (Mouse over for captions.)

Julian LOVES his fruit. (Shirt from Polly Tod):
Julian eats a pear while wearing his “I love fruit” shirt - 5/4/08

My 33rd birthday (with a delicious carrot cake made by yours truly):
Happy birthday to me - 5/7/08Me and the kiddos - 5/7/08Julian is very eager to get his hands on the cake - 5/7/08

Mother’s Day:
a Mother’s Day walk with Julian and Ava - 5/11/08

The kids playing in the yard:
Julian in his new hat - 5/12/08Ava on the “new” playset - 5/12/08

I couldn’t pass up this photo op when I woke up before everyone else Saturday morning. Julian and daddy co-sleeping. :
Julian cosleeping with Daddy - 5/17/08

Ava’s Waldorf preschool May pole festivities:
Ava waiting patiently for her “crown” at the Maypole Celebration - 5/17/08Miss G putting on Ava’s Maypole crown - 5/17/08Watching her friend get her crown - 5/17/08Maypole dancing and singing - 5/17/08

More Maypole dancing - 5/17/08

– And my BSM –
You give a boy ONE piece of chocolate, step away for two minutes, and this is what happens…

Chocolate-faced Jules - 5/9/08
(Shirt from Trendy Tadpole)

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24 thoughts on “Best Shot Monday – 5/19/08”

  1. Oh that is a fantastic BSM 🙂
    And the other pics are lovely to see too.

    We did maypole dancing at the English school I went to in London when I was 5. Never did it here though for some reason.

  2. they’re all great shots! i love the one of you with your kids, and i really like the matching crocs:-) that chocolate face is just too cute. i’d love to hear more about the maypole celebration.

  3. I was just in awe of how sweet and lovely all of the shots were…but that last one TOTALLY takes the prize! Boys are messy, but that captures it perfectly!

  4. What a lovely Mother’s Day photo…one to cherish! The photo of Julian and his treat is hilarious!!! 🙂

  5. That pic of you & your kids on Mother’s Day is so great! And your hus and baby sleeping together? Precious!

    Where do you get all the cute t-shirts for him? Love ’em!

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