Quickie Shower Challenge Check-in – “How YOU doin’?”

It’s the end of week 1 of the Quickie 5-minute Shower Challenge and I want to know, in the words of Joey from Friends, “How YOU doin’?”

But before we get to that, I first have to say I’m absolutely thrilled to have had 86 people sign up (plus spouses have often been recruited as well, and even some kids, and aren’t included in that number) for the challenge so far. That’s awesome and you all rock for signing up! Thank you. 🙂 I’m still hoping to get up to least 100 sign ups, so I hope you will spread the word about your commitment to take a quickie. 🙂

This week has actually been a little out of the ordinary for me. I usually shower about 4-5 times a week for 5 minutes or less each time, but this week, because we actually had somewhere to go every morning (Ava’s swimming lessons), I found myself showering every day. So I’ve been using more water this week than usual. I suspect once swimming lessons are done (end of next week), I can go back to being a scrub again, I mean I can go back to conserving more water. 😉 I’ve been showering in 5 minutes or less (usually around 4 minutes) all week with the exception of today, when I stopped looking at the timer and actually let it run out. I think I went about 15 seconds over.

How about you? How are you doing with the challenge so far? Have you found it harder or easier than you expected? Do you have any tips to share to help others?

Two tips I’ve shared with others who have been reluctant to sign up are:

  • Turn off the water when you lather up your hair. You can stop the timer whenever the water is off. That leaves you more time to rinse your hair, which is especially helpful if your hair is longer.
  • Turn off the water when you shave your legs. Again, you can stop the timer when the water is off.

We’ll have another check-in in two weeks on June 21. Until then, enjoy your quickies and thank you for conserving water! 🙂 Oh, and if you still want to sign up, just leave me a comment and let me know you want in and I’ll add you to the list in my sidebar. 🙂

37 thoughts on “Quickie Shower Challenge Check-in – “How YOU doin’?””

  1. It’s going pretty good! I am even thinking of getting a bucket to catch the freezing cold water that comes out before the water gets warm enough to get into to use to water my plants 😉

  2. I’ve discovered my normal “clean only” shower is about 3 minutes anyway. But I’m struggling with the hair washing days. I’ve got long hair and it’s flippin’ winter here so turning the water off is NOT attractive. Not to mention it takes a while to get the temperature back to normal after you turn it off. Soo… not sure about what to do about it. Maybe leave in conditioner? Have to see if I can find one at the organic shop that I like.

  3. The first couple of days I goto my showers done in about 8 minutes, my daughter was faster but she’s 3!!!! Should be able to do it faster when I am not trying to dye my hair at the same time, lol.

  4. I’ve made a huge improvement. In the winter, I took a long, hot bath every night. So long, in fact, that I often had to add more hot water to warm it back up. Now, I’m taking 5-6 minute showers, which I think is a huge improvement. And I take them about 5 days a week. I’ve given up baths cold turkey, but with the 90 degree weather, I don’t miss them. The one thing I do need more water for, though, is to wash my filthy feet because I simply refuse to wear anything but flip flops when outside in warm weather (especially in the garden…)

  5. I have stumbled into your blog via Momology and I just love it (long before I started blogging, I was reading your writings)…anyhow, I had taken your challenge before I joined….so far things are going great! I have even challenged the rest of my family with this! They are doing their best…

    This challenge reminds me of my father (a man obviously ahead of his time) used to turn off the water as he shampooed and lathered up…he used to tell us about the water emergency this world would have to face eventually and how he wanted us to all do our part…and he’s been doing this from the 70’s to now!

  6. I’ve had a couple of rough days this week, but some very positive ones as well. I’ve been a little mommy’d out two days this week and the shower is one place that I can find a little peace, so two showers have been 10 minutes. 🙁

    But the other two showers have been less than 3 minutes long! 🙂

  7. I haven’t taken your challenge, but that’s because my showers are already under 5 minutes.

    My non-hair washing showers, that is. I pretty much “top and tail” it, cleaning only the truly dirty/prone to get smelly parts. (That feels like TMI, but thought it’d be helpful to others).

    My hair washing days – once or twice a week – take a little longer and could possibly balance out the rest of the weeks showers. I have been “no-poo” for over 3 1/2 years now, and it takes me a little longer to wash my hair than just sudsing some shampoo through my hair. But I *highly* recommend it.

    Oh, and shaving… I gave that up even longer ago, though I really have been wanting to have my legs waxed, just have to have the extra funds to do so. This is not troublesome for me, as I have sparse leg hair and I don’t wear shorts. But I do enjoy wearing capris and have missed them. This year is the year!

    Got a recommendation for some green leg waxing, Amy? 😀

  8. As long as I don’t need to shave, I can eget done in 4-5 minutes. This week, though, I’ve only (shhh) showered three times. One of those was 8 or 9 minutes long, but I figured it evened out.

    I’m quite amazed at how fast I can really be done if I put my mind to it. Crazy!

  9. This is so cool! I didn’t join because I skip showers and then take one longer shower every few days – in between, I wipe sweaty areas down with a damp cloth to stay fresh. I do this because my hair needs lots of oil to build up regulary or I get split ends – but then it takes forever to wash that oil out so it looks nice again. My hair is so much healthier now. Plus it just saves time.

    Most of my showers involve running water for at least 10 minutes, but the average is well under 5 minutes per day. So I’m with the spirit of this, if not the specifics 🙂 Same goes for DH.

  10. I’m able to do it in 5 minutes as long as I let the Veet sit on my legs 4-5 minutes b4 getting in the shower. Bonus: my legs are really smoothe too, much moreso than when I use a razor.

  11. I am doing WORSE! Now that I am running every night I shower at night and the morning. Both quick showers but now double daily. I cannot run in the morning and have crazy hair if not washed. I will have to think of something ….

  12. Thanks for the tips about turning the water off while shaving/shampooing! I was previously unable to sign up because I’m so slow and am not willing to give up shaving. Now I’m going to give it a try. I just need to find a timer.

    One of my friends went to Air Force ROTC field training in college and they forced them to shower in under a minute. I have not been able to figure that one out!

  13. I have gotten down to 5 with my toddler with me. Sometimes we go over but I figure it’s 2 people and we’re saving all the water for his bath. I’d love not to have to shave everyday if only…LOL

  14. I conserve as much hot water as I can, usually turning off the water after soaping up hair, I sometimes shave my legs in the sink or even in the bath tub cause I think you use less water in the bath sometimes especially when shaving. My son has a bath tub so I put a certain amount in his tub and let him rub a dub away… Now if I can only get my hubby to stop taking 30 min showers… I’m doing good though under 10 min!

  15. it’s been fun, my kids are really enjoying the timer aspect. i just need to get one that will not beep at random times during the day/night because someone forgot to turn the darn thing off….other than that we are doing our part!

  16. Trying to get my hair washing days down from 6 minutes to 5 or less. Days I don’t wash my hair…2.5 minutes!! I am going to turn off the water while I lather next time and save myself a minute’s worth of water.

  17. I’m new to your site and love it! I already take quick showers (thanks to Crunchy’s Eco Throwdown) but I’ll join in and aim for 3 minutes. I wanted to let your readers know about the “soap and save switch” that’s available for the shower. It keeps the water temp the same. LOVE IT. my garden is doing much better this year and I think its’ because of the ‘warm up water’ it’s getting every day!

  18. I gotta tell you, I’m finding this way easier than I should. I LOVE justifying not taking a shower – again! I’m down from bathing every couple days to every THREE. Yikes. Good thing you only know me remotely. 🙂

  19. I find it hard, but I knew I would. I love my showers, lol. I will have to try turning off the water while shaving, that is one of my problems.

  20. checking in. i am totally improving on this~ as i mentioned in a comment in another post this was definitely my “green weekness”. i find that turning off the water while i lather up my hair helps a ton. and, i have been showering every other day rather than daily so that is good, right?

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