Dad’s day

I apologize for being a craptastic blogger the past week/weekend. Jody was out working in CA all week and my mom got in from MI for a 12-day stay on Thursday. So between solo parenting and trying to get the house in decent shape, plus then spending time with my mom the past few days and Jody when he returned, I’ve been an absentee blogger (though you can always find me micro-blogging on Twitter – hint, hint).

While Jody was gone this week I received a good reminder of why I love him. He’s an awesome dad and his involvement both in the kids’ lives and around the house helps me be a better mother. And he lets the kids play things like this, without batting an eye:

I was so happy to have him return home safely late Friday night. 🙂

For the past three years, I’ve made a Father’s Day photo collage for Jody. (Take a look at last year’s and the previous two years.) This year it has yet to happen as I haven’t had the opportunity to take the Ava and Julian’s pictures, but I still plan to do it. Really, I do. 🙂 Jody appreciates the tradition I’ve started and hopes that I will carry it on for years to come. (And I hope I can carry it on for years to come too!)

We’re not doing anything elaborate this Father’s Day. Jody talked about going for a drive up to Rocky Mountain National Park to enjoy nature, but instead we are opting for something with a lesser carbon footprint and going to the pool at the rec center, where Ava can show off her new skills acquired at swimming lessons (she just passed from a “Turtle” to an “Alligator”) and we can just spend time together playing in the water.

Happy Father’s Day to all of the dads out there. 🙂

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