A not-so-green confession

Try as I might to lead a green lifestyle as much as possible, I sometimes fall short. I think some people might get the impression that I live by the green book and, while I appreciate the vote of confidence, I want you to know that I am not all green, all the time. Today I’m confessing my dirty little secret.

Although Ava’s preschool is about four blocks from our house, I drive there almost every time. Awful, right? I know! It’s something I feel badly about and I’m actually trying to do better and walk more often. The main reason I choose to drive most days is because I don’t feel we have the time to walk there. I’m a habitually late person as it is (doh, you just got another confession out of me), and after you add getting two kids ready into the mix as well, I fall flat on my face. And there are some mornings (and some afternoons with naps) where I let Julian sleep in until the last possible moment, then get him up, put him in the car and off we go.

Now that it’s summer I have no weather excuses (other than when it gets too hot! *wink*), I am working on it and trying to do better about walking. Maybe I need to set a goal of walking at least one of the three days to start off and then increase it from there. In fact, I think that’s exactly what I will do. Can I get an “E” for effort? 😉

Do you have a dirty little not-so-green secret you want to confess?