A daughter’s love (BSM)

I took a slew of pics on Sunday, hoping to get something worthy of sharing for my Best Shot Monday. While most of them didn’t turn out the way I had hoped, this one grabbed my attention. I just love the look of adoration and pure joy in Ava’s eyes.

Ava and daddy 6/29/08

And I thought this one was pretty sweet too. 🙂
Ava and Julian 6/29/08

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15 thoughts on “A daughter’s love (BSM)”

  1. I do love the look in her eyes in the first shot, but that second one is just too sweet. And I can’t believe how big they are both getting — how does that happen?!

  2. The Daddy-Daughter one is so precious! So is the other of course, but something about a daddy and daughter together is so sweet. Can’t believe how tall Julian is getting!

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